2/23 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: All Chinks, No Armor

RJ fills in for Ryan this week and he and Vin discuss and lament the dead zone in sports. Expect this for another 2 weeks.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Technical Difficulties
  • ESPN editor makes bad excuses
  • Max Bretos got short end of the stick
  • Iverson is broke
  • Ben Roethlisberger is a little girl
  • Ultimate Tazer Ball
  • Life’s Too Short

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I’m writing about Brett Favre because I want to?

I promised myself last summer that I was not going to write about Brett Favre. I did.

It’s not that I thought I’d want to write about Brett Favre. The only other time I even sort-of wrote about him wasn’t really about him; it was about ESPN’s media stalk-gala into his every inaction after he asked Roger Goodell for reinstatement papers but did not sign them last summer. And I was happy that I did not care.

But now? Now I care. Because now it’s personal.

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July 23 2009 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

The Erin Andrews nude peep video and the integrity of various sports outlets dominate this week’s podcast. You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 90 mins) or subscribe to the feed. If you use iTunes, just click here and then click subscribe and iTunes will take care of the rest. This week’s topics include:

  • Was the Erin Andrews video staged? Did ESPN out her for the publicity?
  • Why did ESPN tell its reporters not to cover the Ben Roethlisberger rape allegation?
  • Mark Buehrle’s perfect game and the last no hitter by team
  • Who is going to win the Roy Halladay sweepstakes?

Trivia Question of the week: What has happened more often in the modern era, perfect games or unassisted triple plays? (Answer after the jump.)

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The Tempest

Of course it matters. This is Hank Aaron we’re talking about here, enduring proof that greatness can be discovered within consistency, Hank Aaron, class act, a hero in this and future generations, transcendent of the vicious scorn that compromised his time. This is Hank Aaron, baseball’s all-time home run king, a living legend.

This is his mark, what he earned. That is the symbol of a bygone era, what could have existed that never came to pass, what should have been but never was.

It’s an idea, a fantasy, for those who wouldn’t quit dreaming.

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Is That Really Your "Top Ten Centers List"?

By Trevor Freeman

So I finish up my weekly podcasts yesterday and I’m settling in to watch a little Wright State versus Butler.  Because there was a berth into the NCAA Tournament at stake, I decided to honor the moment with a Yuengling.  The conversation in my head where I convinced myself that this game was worth drinking for is a different story for a better time.  I boot up my e-mail and in it I find this gem from my friend LeAndre…..

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Our Look At The Inequality In Media Treatment Between Andrea Bargnani And Adam Morrison

by Trevor Freeman

It is a league that is desperate to get back the prestige it had in the 1980s and early 1990s.  Not only has it fallen behind its “super” cousin but it must be “maddening” to watch its younger brother be the version more preferred. In a series of articles last year, we dissected the NBA Draft and wondered aloud why NBA General Managers consistently avoided the common sense approach of drafting the best collegiate players available. That a basketball version of Billy Beane could walk into the league right now and be the new Red Auerbach. Today, we take a look at the words of some of the journalists covering the game and more importantly their bias against last season’s college superstar, Adam Morrison, and their tendency to push the first overall pick, Andrea Bargnani.

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The Propaganda Files: Stavring for Another Season?

By Rob LaBrie

A flash comes across the screen, “Breaking News!” it reads in immortal ESPN text.  It’s midnight and you just realize you’ve been dozing off on the couch.  You see the screen and you decide it’s worth wiping the drool off the side of your face and sitting up to see what the news is before hitting the sack.  Naturally, John Clayton pops up on the screen.  “I’ve just received big news out of Green Bay.  It seems Brett Favre may have played his last game in the NFL.  Sources close to Favre say the legendary quarterback is leaning toward retirement.  Of course, this is not set in stone, but we are one step closer to seeing Favre hang it up [pushes glasses up higher on his nose and sniffles].”  You put your pants back on to hear this?  Well, at least it must mean pitchers and catchers will be reporting pretty soon…

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Friday Free For All: "Invincible" movie review

As a service for the Sportscolumn community, I went to the 11:30 AM showing of Invincible today. Who am I kidding, if I wasn’t going to write a review for SC, I’d have seen the 2:30 showing anyway. As an Eagles fan, I am obligated to see the movie. What’s the population of the Delaware Valley? 6 million people? Multiply by $9… Invincible is guaranteed to bring in at least $50M just from the Philly area alone.

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The ESPY’s: A Show Not About Sports

Before my religious viewing of Fox’s Sunday night programming, I flipped the channel to watch the ESPY awards. In days of yore, it would be a no-brainer whether or not to watch the show. I watched Kobe effortlessly climb up the Laker ladder of history, and I watched Vince Young single-handedly run his team to victory. Reliving those moments is simply a Youtube search away. However, being a college kid, I left home and had something of a long distance relationship with the boob tube (too much homework). As a result, I made a vehement effort to catch the sports highlights I missed this year while not sacrificing an extravagant amount of Simpsons, Family Guy, and (dare I say it) American Dad content.