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I’m writing about Brett Favre because I want to?

I promised myself last summer that I was not going to write about Brett Favre. I did.

It’s not that I thought I’d want to write about Brett Favre. The only other time I even sort-of wrote about him wasn’t really about him; it was about ESPN’s media stalk-gala into his every inaction after he asked Roger Goodell for reinstatement papers but did not sign them last summer. And I was happy that I did not care.

But now? Now I care. Because now it’s personal.

Minnesota Vikings

Is Bennett getting a raw deal?

This season if nothing else has proved to be one that shows the Minnesota Vikings moving on from the past. Very few players are left from the Denny Green era with another two possibly going next season. Chris Hovan who was benched last week is unhappy and from all indications is not expected to return next season. His production over the last two seasons has dropped off (though some might suugest he never really had outstanding numbers to begin with) and Mike Tice finally benched him after already considerably cutting his playing time. His days in a Viking uniform are numbered. He’s sold his home in Minneapolis which is always a sure sign he plans on moving on.