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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 10

It’s a weird feeling. We knew we’d be here, but we were positive we’d never get here.

On one side, you have Brett Favre and his Jets going up against the Patriots for first place. The new guy with his new girlfriend, and he’s already gearing up for marriage? Nah.

Forget about the Jets winning the game, the playoffs, the Super Bowl, whether or not Favre comes back next season. No, none of that matters.

The main thing is what this off-season led up to. Was Ted Thompson right?

Well, Aaron Rodgers has performed well, but a closer look at the games and his stats show that while he hasn’t really been winning games, he hasn’t exactly been losing them, either.

So, while everyone watches the Jets and Patriots on Thursday night, in the back of their minds, whether they like it or not, they’re continuing to watch the beautiful play that is Favre vs Rodgers.

If you ask me, it’s just a guy playing on a new team, and if they win their next game, they just might be a shoe-in for the Super Bowl.

The way this season has gone, though, there are no guarantees. Unless you count the Lions losing every week. That’s almost a lock. But no, for almost every other team and player in the league, you can’t assume anything. You just have to keep watching…

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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 8

The three teams I’m most interested in?

No, not the Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, or even the undefeated Tennessee Titans.

Try the sloppy Cleveland Browns, the surging Houston Texans, and the surprising Miami Dolphins.

All three of these teams are still below .500, are inconsistent as can be, and quite possibly could be out of the playoff picture completely in three weeks.

However, their recent re-emergence into playoff relevance has me giddy with all the possibilities they bring to the table.

1. A quarterback controversy, combined with a coach on the hot seat, heading into a potential divisional opponent playoff match-up. If you haven’t guessed, that would be the Cleveland Browns.

2. How about the Wildcat toting, trick-play dealing, Ted Ginn running Miami Dolphins? Come on, who out there wouldn’t want to see Ricky Williams win a championship and take a drag while holding the Lombardi trophy? Yeah, me neither. But I feel for Chad Pennington.

3. Lastly, the Texans are so hot, I’m getting blisters, and I live in Wisconsin. The Schaub to Johnson connection is better than high-speed internet (sorry, roadrunner), and I simply cannot get enough of it. Oh, and Owen Daniels is becoming an elite tight end.

At the very worst, these three average teams have helped make this season fun to watch. And because of these three teams, I can’t wait to see what else 2008 has in store for us. But there’s 29 more teams to keep track of, whether we like it or not, so take a look:

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2008 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

So much for bringing sexy back. Their cool “Wildcat” offense is no longer surprising or effective, and the Dolphins are back to being the Dolphins again. So, what does this mean for the league?

Well, first of all, it means literally any team can beat any other team. The Chargers, Patriots, Dolphins, and Browns are all you need to look at to believe it. They’ve all beaten and lost to opponents they probably shouldn’t have, and I’ve got news for you. It’s not ending here.

With the St. Louis Rams winning their second straight game over a solid opponent, they become the new Miami Dolphins, and they place themselves back in playoff contention. For now.

The only constant we can rely on in today’s NFL is the Tennessee Titans haven’t lost yet, and that uncertainty is the name of the game. If you’re still in love with the days when Brett Favre was always wearing green and gold, no matter the injury or the weather, then you better start forgetting. It’s time to adapt.

Even when considering Tennessee, it’s time to realize there’s no sure thing in this league. As discombobulated as the Colts seem to be, they’re sure to give the Titans a tough game next Monday. And the week after that the former Oilers get the surging Packers. Can they really make it to 8-0?

In today’s league, it’s anyone’s guess. And as I’ve said all season: Stop guessing, and start watching. This isn’t a tarot card totin’ man’s land. This is for football fans. Leave your bets in Vegas, because baby, you’re gonna lose.

New York Giants

New Look Giants

“New Look Giants”

By Billy Fellin

The 2007 Super Bowl Champions came into the 2008 season being underrated, disrespected and basically ignored. And why not? It’s not like they beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots. But that’s just the way that the Giants like it.
The Giants have looked dominant thus far this year, their most recent victory coming against a normally formidable Seattle team. So what is the cause of this success? This success is coming from confidence, depth and experience.

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2008 Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

The great Miami Dolphins are surging, people. They are taking us all by surprise and laughing in our faces. Not simply because they’re winning games, but because they’re doing it by playing unorthodox football.

And the worst part? The two teams from last season’s AFC Championship couldn’t stop them. So who does that speak louder for; those teams or the Mighty Dolphins?

I, much like you, am “all aboard” for a “who cares” train trip to week six. There are too many disappointing teams that are supposed to be contenders, that a team like this is a real treat. And quite honestly, they’re one of the most exciting teams to watch.

They lost Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, yet their defense is playing very well, and stuffing offenses that normally dominate teams. And we were dogging the Jets for barely beating this team?

The Fins’ won’t be in the top 5 anytime soon, but their tricky style of “Wildcat” offense has got us, and every NFL team that isn’t undefeated, reeling. They’ve got us all thinking, “Could they really make the playoffs?”. And while it’s unlikely, especially with the Pats’, Jets, and Bills standing in their own division, it is a definite possibility.

So, aside from reading my rankings and sly comments, I beg of you to do one thing: Keep watching. Because as I say each week, it’s only going to get better.

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Super Bowl XLII: Brady’s encore or Eli’s debut?

The stage is set for another classic duel of Brady vs. Manning… Eli Manning. If anyone asked me who I thought would come out on top of this match-up at mid-season it’s likely that I would’ve punched them in the head, and never spoken to them again for fear of associating myself with such a astonishing imbecile. However, it’s not mid-season anymore and going into the final game of the year these two teams aren’t nearly the same as they were then. Their leaders under center have transformed dramatically over the past few weeks, and it has changed the face of the Super Bowl dramatically as well. We might have a game on our hands after all.

New York Giants

Damned If He Does- Damned If He Doesn’t: The Eli Manning Story

The Manning name carries a certain stigma. The name Eli carries a completely different one. Will Burge explains why you shouldn’t be so quick to put down Eli Manning

New York Giants

Why I Care About The Giants So Much

I had the good fortune of watching the last two New York Giants games in the company of a young lady who can only be described as “heavenly”, by virtue of us both being invited to watch the contests at the apartment of a mutual friend.  Playoff football is not a conducive atmosphere to get to know someone, so I have every intention of asking her out for a cup of coffee the day after Super Bowl 42.  

New York Giants

Quest for Greatness: A Punter’s Tale

A little trivia question: Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive games played?  Brett Favre, of course… right?  Nope.  Incorrect.  Negatory.  Wrongo.  The correct answer is Jeff Feagles.  No, not the crazy kicker from Ace Ventura.  That was Ray Finkle.  “If he had held the ball laces out like he’s supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick… Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell!”  Jeff Feagles is in fact a punter, currently booting the ball down field after frequent Eli Manning third-and-outs with the Giants.

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2007 NFL Conference Championships Picks and Podcast

In many ways, the Conference Championship weekend is much much better than the Super Bowl itself. Usually we get great games. However according to vegas this year, it’s not looking so great. We’ll see if NE can cover those 14 points and if the Packers can cover the 7.

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