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What they really said…

Too many times in sports, we as the fans get a raw deal on what we’re told. We get to hear what the players and coaches have to say, but in a censored version. What they say on TV or in an article isn’t necessarily what they really say behind closed doors.
Lucky for you though, I was able to obtain an all-access pass to last week’s biggest events and happenings in sports (because that’s the kind of thing you can obtain fairly easily when you are a fake journalist). I got to conduct private interviews and attend private tapings under the guise that they wouldn’t be shared with the public. But thanks to my complete lack of any standing credibility, I can share them with you anyway! So for your reading enjoyment, here is the first installment of “What they really said.”

MLB General

A Comparison of the Speed-Challenged

Barry Bonds
Weight: 228
Height: 6’2″
Grounded into Double Play (Career): 165   

Edgar Martinez
Weight: 205
Height: 5’11”
Grounded into Double Play (Career): 190

MLB General

The Other Dark Knight

Economic struggles are hitting Americans hard – even the rich ones.  There are millionaires out there who now only have six houses to go home to at night – and worst of all, some of them are unemployed too!

General Sports

The Absolute Hard Evidence a Player Uses Steroids

By David J. Cohen

Since the steroid cloud has polluted athletics fans everywhere have debated whether certain players are steroid users. Did Barry Bonds improve ten hat sizes in four years or did he hit his head really really hard one day? Did Slamming Sammy get his power from giving grace to the lord or by slamming some needles into his body? Is Shawn Merriman now just lights out or is he still juiced up? With many players the glaring signs are there but there is no tangible proof. And unless a player couldn’t cover up, wrote a book, or hired the worst lawyer in America it would always remain a debate. Until now.

Oakland A's

Should We Even Consider It…

By Trevor Freeman

I am pretty sure that I approached this baseball season the same way every Oakland A’s fan did.  Hopeful that our youngsters would be better than expected and that we would avoid the AL West cellar.  Maybe it was because I approached the season with low expectations that I have all of the sudden been jolted by a 5-1 road trip and an 8-5 start to the season.  If somebody had told me before the season that we would be 8-5 after playing Boston, Toronto and Cleveland twice, I would have told that person they need to dial back the amount of herbs they have been purchasing in the Humboldt County area.

It was after Saturday’s game against Cleveland that I got an energetic phone call from a friend who asked a million dollar question that I never even thought of.  The question was, “Do you think we would sign Barry Bonds if we are in the mix in June?”

MLB General

Here’s who to blame in the steroid scandal… us

Here’s who we blame for the steroid crisis in baseball. Ourselves.

MLB General

Leave Bonds Alone?

Barry Bonds is the new home run king. He has hit 758 home runs in his career and hasn’t stopped. Hank Aaron hit 755. 755 is less than 758 thus Bonds is the home run king. Of course, we all know Bonds cheated to get there so that means his home runs don’t count. Right?

MLB General

Now that Barry’s got the record- what do we do?

Now the whole Barry Bonds lovefest is over, what do we do?

I don’t know if ESPN gave you the impression that the 2007 baseball season was all about Barry Bonds, but it certainly gave me it. I live in the UK, where you can only watch one or two games a day – and one of them – almost every day of the week – were the San Francisco Giants.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great watching Bonds intimidate pitchers. And whether he’s juiced or not, seeing a home run from the San Francisco leftfielder is pretty big thing to watch. But having to watch Ryan Klesko (who last hit .300 in 2002 and last hit over over 20 homers in 2003) day after day – twinned with the Giants bullpen and the non-stop Barry conversation, is really beginning to get to me.

Heck, I’m a Yankees fan and I even had to turn the sound off to ignore Michael Kay’s constant jawing about A-Rod and Number 500.

MLB General

Barry Bonds’ Place In Our Memories

Like every other person with any interest in sports, I was watching Barry Bonds at close to midnight Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, August 7, 2007. Number 756 went to right center field, the deepest part of a huge ballpark. The flashbulbs, the cheers, the spectacle, were all there. Conspicuously absent, of course, was Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Should he have been there? Does Barry Bonds even care if he was? These are just a few of the lingering questions from this night.

San Francisco Giants

Barry’s Last Stand

It’s only a matter of time before Barry Bonds takes three more pitches yard and officially becomes the home run champion, breaking Hank’s record. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

A few nights ago, my friend and I had an in depth discussion about the passing of the torch that I would like to share with you. He is a little slow, so try to bear with me.