8/22 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Faking It

Ryan and Vin discuss Melky Cabrera’s fake website, whether Jeter can catch Pete Rose, and instant replay in baseball.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Melky Cabrera’s steroid suspension and fake website
  • Derek Jeter breaking Pete Rose’s record
  • Instant replay in baseball
  • Jacksonville Jaguars in London
  • Crazy woman insults Cuban refugees
  • Top 10 Worst Coaching Hires

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MLB New York Yankees

A Thing or Two About That A-Rod Story


Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtue. -Moliere

I am the proud owner of a blue iPod mini that I received as a Christmas present in 2004. Now every time I use it, I feel like Josh Baskin toiling away on his turn-of-the-century Macintosh. The reason for this being that I’m reluctant to invest in a new iPod until I know for sure that an even better one won’t hit the shelves 40 minutes later. 

Similarly, I’ve been biting my tongue on the almost comical sequence of Yankees plights because I know it’s only a matter of time before a new chapter is added to the ever-growing anthology of controversy.

New York Yankees

The Stars are Projectors

It was Nas who once said, “It’s a dirty game, is any man worthy of fame?” You could argue whether or not Nas has ever lived up to the amazing level of potential he exhibited on “Illmatic”, [I kind of want to forget the Escobar era myself] but the brilliance of that line could never be disputed. It is a dirty game. And is any flawed human being really worthy of fame?


Society relishes the defilement of plastic deities. After all, the mob has to feel power over something. Everything else is beyond us… war… the economy… poverty… bailouts… Indignation flies, but it’s fake, and if legitimate, certainly misguided. Flaming pitchforks. Adulation turns poisonous at a moment’s notice. Fame is equal parts a blessing or a burden. It’s complicated, everything is, and we wish it weren’t. So we exercise our defenses, simplify and attack. When the fairy tale doesn’t offer a happy ending, the book is torn to shreds. We find something new to dream on…

MLB General

The Other Dark Knight

Economic struggles are hitting Americans hard – even the rich ones.  There are millionaires out there who now only have six houses to go home to at night – and worst of all, some of them are unemployed too!

General Sports

The Absolute Hard Evidence a Player Uses Steroids

By David J. Cohen

Since the steroid cloud has polluted athletics fans everywhere have debated whether certain players are steroid users. Did Barry Bonds improve ten hat sizes in four years or did he hit his head really really hard one day? Did Slamming Sammy get his power from giving grace to the lord or by slamming some needles into his body? Is Shawn Merriman now just lights out or is he still juiced up? With many players the glaring signs are there but there is no tangible proof. And unless a player couldn’t cover up, wrote a book, or hired the worst lawyer in America it would always remain a debate. Until now.

General Sports

*MLB: It’s Not About the Mitchell Report- It’s About Names!

The Mitchell report was released and players were named. Was this enough and where does this leave the sport? Will Burge asks the questions…..

MLB General

MLB Given Pass By Feds

By Diane M. Grassi

But MLB has not learned much in the past couple of decades when it comes to the integrity of the game, in obeying the law and in protecting the best interests of its athletes, its most precious commodity.

General Sports

Who Framed Roger Rocket?

Ever since the day the Mitchell Report was released the baseball world has dealt with constant drama. Admissions and apologies have been offered and denied. Fingers have been pointed and judgments have been passed. Reputations have been thrown into question and fans have been thrown into unrest. But one quality of the report has reigned supreme over all others; it’s entertainment value.

It’s no secret that America loves a good Soap Opera. Not a drama, but a Soap Opera. As in a drama where all rationality and reason disappear and the story becomes a delightfully hilarious mess of childish idiocy… and for whatever reason, it’s enthralling!

General Sports

The American Game

Picture this. You’re twenty three years old, a third round draft pick, skipped school to grab that bonus, nothing to fall back on. This competition is fierce, and you’ve been left behind, lapped in fact. In an idyllic youth, a minor celebrity in a small town, you were the special one. Gifted. Bigger, stronger, faster, beloved by all, took pride in the popularity, destined for greatness.

MLB General

Let Them Play

Are You tired of hearing about steroids in baseball? Me Too. It’s time to get back to enjoying the game.