General Sports

*MLB: It’s Not About the Mitchell Report- It’s About Names!

The Mitchell report was released and players were named. Was this enough and where does this leave the sport? Will Burge asks the questions…..

College Football

Ohio State Buckeyes: Doormats or Dynasty?

Ohio State dropped another BCS Championship Game this week–but Will Burge says that doesn’t mean the Buckeyes don’t have a dynasty in the works.

New York Giants

Damned If He Does- Damned If He Doesn’t: The Eli Manning Story

The Manning name carries a certain stigma. The name Eli carries a completely different one. Will Burge explains why you shouldn’t be so quick to put down Eli Manning

Cleveland Browns

Why Cleveland is Good Enough To Scare The Brown Out Of You

The Cleveland Browns are set to make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. Will Burge explains why taking them lightly is not in their potential opponents’ best interest.