12-Step program to get over a football addiction after your team is eliminated from the playoffs

12-Step program to get over a football addiction after your team is eliminated from the playoffs:


Zambia still have work to earn respect they deserve

When not twelve months ago Zambia came to Libreville to conquer Africa — or at least what was left to conquer after dispatching of Senegal, Libya, the hosts in the form of Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, and Ghana whilst in Bata—there was a sense that something was different. Chipolopolo Boys were not just playing with the weight of taking down Africa’s heirs-apparent on their shoulders: they had to carry nearly two decades of pain for the generation who perished into the Atlantic mere kilometers to the west.

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Obscure Sports Weekly: Joe Paterno Fired

As you are likely aware, legendary Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno has been removed of his post by the Penn State Board of Trustees at a little after 10pm ET on Wednesday night. Mike Ciccarone and Burton DeWitt talk about what led to this, the reaction, and what could have and should have been done.

Cricket blogger and Penn State alumnus Subash Jayaraman joins in at the hour mark to discuss the feel in State College and give his view of the feeling of shock and anger that plagues the town this week.

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Cricket World Cup: Luke Wright may be England’s best choice

Disappointment may come before England in the dictionary, but at World Cups, they seem to be side-by-side. Regardless the sport, England are expected to fail to reach expectations. For Pete’s sake, even in darts, a sport where England routinely have every highly-ranked player not named Raymond van Barneveld, England crashed out to minnows Spain at last year’s inaugural World Cup.

And crash out they will in cricket if they cannot overcome a resurgent West Indies XI in the finest form they’ve been in some years.

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Bullies like Jeff Tedford have no business in college athletics

Let me be clear about this: before Saturday night, I had nothing against California head coach Jeff Tedford. Nothing. I had nothing against his personality, his coaching, his demeanor. Nothing. So if you think I’m just biased against him or Cal for any reason, you’re wrong.

But after last night, after the press conference in which he called out his kicker, I do have something against coach Tedford, and this will be the last time I refer to Tedford as a coach. Because after Saturday, I don’t see any way anyone could possibly call his actions those of a coach.


Italy-Serbia Fiasco: UEFA punishes Slovenia, Estonia, N. Ireland, Faroe Islands

UEFA’s decision to award Italy with a 3-0 win is not fair no matter how you look at it, and I don’t care what Serbia think.

Serbian fans crossed the line; their actions were against the better interest of sport, and the punishment that Serbia received is just. Serbia deserves to forfeit the match and to have to play its next two home fixtures behind closed doors.

The actions of the supporters were disgusting.

Italy did not come away unscathed, as they were fined 100,000 euros for their security failing to contain the rowdy Serbian supporters.

But no matter what Serbia did, Italy does not deserve a 3-0 win, not so long as this competition is supposed to be fair for Slovenia, Estonia, Northern Ireland, and the Faroe Islands, the other four national teams in Group C.

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Journalism Watch List: D-Tread Not Dennis Dodd’s Biggest Problem

Write controversial articles.

That’s the easiest part of Dennis Dodd’s job this week,‘s senior college football columnist. All he has to do it get people pissed off by writing insensitive, foul, and untrue attacks on good people who are on track to become major football head coaches after the Spartans’ appointment in Pasadena, Calif. next January. The Spartans’ trip to then-No. 18 Michigan showed that nothing was wrong between Mark Dantonio and Don Treadwell and lent some further definition to the Big Ten race. Otherwise, Dodd has to be really worried. He has got to know by now that has a fallback, a first runner-up should he not be able to fulfill his duties as senior columnist. (Gratuitous Weekend Watch List parody if you don’t get it.)

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CBSSports’s Dennis Dodd Needs to Apologize for Scathing Attack on Don Treadwell

Dennis Dodd needs to apologize. Notshould, not would be wise to, but needs to. And needs to first thing Monday morning.

Each Friday during college football season, Dodd publishes his Weekend Watch List in which he discusses the upcoming games. But this past Friday, he took it a step further.

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Use of Taser More than Necessary on Phillies Fan

I’m confused. Downright confused. In fact, there is not an adjective that I’m familiar with that can sufficiently explain how confused I am.

So to understand just how confused I am, let’s examine what I am not confused about

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2nd Annual All You Need To Know About National Signing Day Rankings

Here’s the Second Annual “All You Need to Know About National Signing Day” recruiting analysis. I have rated the 25 best-named recruits in the country plus the five classes with the coolest names.

While there were no Shavodrick Beavers this year to pick from, there were a lot of solid names, some of which sadly missed the cut (Gifford Timothy, Fidel Montgomery, and Matt Pelesasa to name a few).

Anyway, here are the 25 coolest names for the College Football Class of 2014:

25. Forrest Hightower – San Jose State
24. Rowdy Harper – Houston
23. Jackson Kaka – New Mexico State
22. Johnathan Ragoo – Minnesota
21. Dwellie Striggles – Buffalo
20. King Holder – San Diego State
19. Kalafitoni Pole – Washington State
18. Chi Chi Ariguzo – Northwestern
17. Furious Bradley – Southern Miss
16. Munchie Legaux – Cincinnati
15. B.J. Chitty – Troy
14. Matangi Tonga – Houston
13. Deveon Dinwiddle – Kansas State
12. Storm Johnson – Miami (Fla.)
11. Happy Iona – Oregon State
10. Ace Sanders – South Carolina
9. Carrington Byndom – Texas
8. Braxton Deaver – Duke
7. Sharrod Golightly – South Carolina
6. Mike Bizzarro – Akron
5. Jaqwaylin Arps – Kansas
4. Tank Sessions – Florida State
3. Jose Jose – UCF
2. Mister Jones – Texas A&M
1. Wave Ryder – Utah State