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In-Debted MLB Owners Welcome Back Bud!

By Diane M. Grassi

And debt is the key word here, as MLB (Major League Baseball) team owners handed current MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, an extension to his present contract by adding another 2 years.

Bud Selig had hoped to ride off into the sunset after the completion of this coming 2012 baseball season, when his most recent contract was to expire.

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All Fans Are Morons (Not Just Us)

Dear Vancouver,

Thank You.

No, not for yipping like little girls whenever Tim Thomas looked at you funny. (After all, nobody ever wants to see a Boston team win a championship.) Thank you for proving that even the best cities have a boatload of crappy ignorant fans.

See, in Philly, we are saddled with the stereotype that Philly fans are disgusting, rude, violent and insane sub-humans who would throw their mothers over the upper-level railing if she was wearing a Cowboys jersey. (She deserved it.) Clearly this stereotype is as inaccurate as ‘Canadians are scared of the dark’ or ‘Brazilians always use too much postage’ or ‘women can cook’. And yet, it endures.

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The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem: How Sports Have Skewed My Sanity

“The fan is the one who suffers.”
-Frank Robinson

When you’ve spent enough time screaming at the TV in public or when you have worn enough team-branded clothing, you become known as the sports you support. You become the first person people think of when your team loses or wins, which means the sound of 489 text messages coming in at the same time runs the gamut from “Merry TEIX-mas!” or “%&#!! Did we really just give up a four goal lead to the Caps?”

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Sunday "Service"

Sunday “Service”

By: Maurice K Dixon

“Let us begin our praise and worship service.”  

Well, these aren’t the exact words, but due to synonymous actions, it translates into an accurate statement.  As usual, this portion of service is held on Sunday mornings, but just from September to the end of the year.  Those in attendance normally clap, raise their hands and lift their voices in unison.  

However, this service does not contain a closing speaker (i.e. bishop, pastor), a choir, a voluntary offering or worst of all the presence of a Bible.  

Oh, I apologize!  I failed to mention this ain’t no church service.  It’s an NFL stadium.

New York Giants

Why I Care About The Giants So Much

I had the good fortune of watching the last two New York Giants games in the company of a young lady who can only be described as “heavenly”, by virtue of us both being invited to watch the contests at the apartment of a mutual friend.  Playoff football is not a conducive atmosphere to get to know someone, so I have every intention of asking her out for a cup of coffee the day after Super Bowl 42.  

Philadelphia Eagles

The Legend of the "EAGLES" Fan

For decades now the National sports media has turned the Philadelphia fan into some kind of monster – devoid of a soul. Booing Donovan McNabb on draft day, Fighting with Clinton Portis’s Mom, Booing old St.Nick. We’ve heard em all. Haven’t we? That crazy – Eagles fan is at it again. Well I’m here to breakdown what EAGLES fans are really like by giving you the Philadelphia Eagles Demographic Breakdown: