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NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Every week it feels like we’re getting a little closer to truly discovering which teams are for real, and which ones are slowly falling apart.

We still don’t know what’s going on in New Orleans, and quite frankly, it’s possible we never will.

We have no idea what to make of the AFC East. We know the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins are good, but how good? And more importantly, are any of those teams great?

The Patriots are the team that is supposed to win the division, a favorite to hold home-field advantage, and a good bet to reach the Super Bowl. Even without Tom Brady, a trophy-less end to their season will leave every head in the house hanging.

The Jets don’t have it much better. The anointed one, Brett Favre, was landed in a block buster trade, and is supposed to save the day. The same can be said for Jets’ management and their other pricey off-season additions. At 8-5, they’ve already made huge strides, but what would a collapse do to this team? And would reaching the playoffs, only to lose in the AFC championship game, somehow be worse?

Then you have Miami, a former winless season candidate, with seemingly no chance of being in this equation at the beginning of the season, yet here they are. Some Miami fan who dropped 10 grand on them reaching the playoffs is trying his damndest to not wet his pants in his parents basement, while he kicks his ankles together in his race car bed. Yeah, it’s that serious.

When you’ve got big names, big contracts, and big expectations, the worst fear in the back of your mind (If you’re the Jets or Patriots) is not losing-it’s the Miami Dolphins.

These Dolphins are not your dad’s Dolphins. They couldn’t have done what they’re doing with Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas, or heck, even Dan Marino.

This is the no-name squad, the relentless bastards that won’t go away even if you waive a million dollar check in their face. No sir, they’re here to stay. Well, at least until the final game of the season, when the Jets beat them 31-10.

Like usual, until the season ends and we see our collection of 12 teams who DO have a chance at completing this puzzle, it will remain a guessing game. One that, for now, I will step away from.

Here’s a look at this week’s power rankings:

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2008 Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Forget about Ronnie Brown and his fantasy day from heaven. Where the heck did all those plays come from? The Miami Dolphins pulled plays out of a college spread offense, and brought some life to their attack in a complete dismantling of the New England defense. If nothing else was accomplished in week three, Miami, at the very worst, exposed the Patriots as a very beatable team.

What else do we know about the AFC East that we’re either not quite ready for or don’t want to admit to? First, Brett Favre and the Jets are not on the same page, and it’s becoming a real possibility that they never will be. Second, the Buffalo Bills need to be taken into serious consideration as a division title contender. Lastly, not a whole lot separates the Patriots from the other teams in their division. The last two weeks have shown that.

Look at the other side of the league, and you find the NFC East with the most disgusting display of talent and good coaching you might ever find compiled in one division. But that’s where I stop myself and say: “It’s only week three, man”.

While the Redskins’ offense has come to life, it doesn’t have the power to stay above water against the other three strong teams in the division. We could seriously be looking at three playoff teams out of this division. Believe that.

But enough of me wasting your time with thoughts and predictions in paragraph form. Here are your top 32 teams (guess who’s 32), and a very good reason why they’re there, or where you can expect them to be headed. SPOILER: The Miami Dolphins have not jumped 10 spots. Enjoy.

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2008 NFL Power Rankings: Season Preview

With the recent mumblings of Favre considering coming out of retirement, things are getting shaken up in Green Bay, and quite honestly, all around football.

If you’re a fantasy drafter holding an early draft, now you’re not sure whether to steal Rodgers or some of his teammates, and you’re also speculating on whether or not to nab Favre, as well.

Each year we have to look at each player and each team under a microscope. Which player is past his prime, just entering it, and who is going to carry his team to the next level.

If Brett Favre does in fact come back, then it will change the current look of the NFl completely. Well, at least it will change the fortunes of the Green Bay Packers.

Regardless, whatever he decides to do will no doubt have a domino affect in the NFC North, kicking the Vikings or Bears out of playoff contention, or if he stays retired, maybe ensuring them a wild card.

One thing is for sure, Favre and his rumor mill antics will keep us all (unless you’re a Lions fan) on the edge of our seats, awaiting his final verdict. And you thought we had it all figured out back in March…

The pre-season Power Rankings:

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Final Power Rankings for the 2007 NFL Season

Is anyone shocked? I mean, even a little?

And I’m not talking about the Patriots and their unbelievable 16-0 season. Because, while many would never dare admit it, a lot of people never thought it would happen. They never thought it could happen. But it did.

But no, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Is anyone shocked that the top 4 teams have stayed the same for the entire season, that is, once they were all together up there?

Admit it, you thought the Packers were a fluke when they started 4-0 and lost to the Bears. You probably even still think that.

And no one really thought the Patriots would continue their hot streak. And the Colts? The defending champs marred by injuries. They were sure to collapse and miss the playoffs, like every former champion does. Well, most of them.

But now we can see there were no surprises. Not really. Not in the regular season. The Browns, one of the most exciting teams of the season, missed the playoffs, while the Buccaneers basically took the remaining 4 weeks off and coasted into the playoffs.

So what now?

Well, if you ask me, I’d say a hindered Owens and ineffective Romo will have the mighty Cowboys falling to the, you guessed it, Washington Redskins in the divisional playoff. Which can only mean Green Bay will get past the Giants, yet again, and then romp all over the Redskins on their way to the Super Bowl.

And, as if those won’t be enough surprises to last us all through next year, and help us ignore the dullness of the NBA, there’s more.

Yes, the undefeated Patriots will lose in the championship game to the Colts, and then we have a match-up that almost no one wants to see, but won’t be able to look away from. Green Bay versus Indianapolis.

But I won’t pick the winner just yet. Instead, take a look at how your team faired this season, and where they fall in the final edition of the 2007, and now 2008 NFL Power Rankings.

One more edition will be available upon the completion of the playoffs. So Until February, enjoy. Happy new year, everybody.

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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

What the hell is going on?

I mean, seriously. People actually expected the Dolphins to beat the Patriots? They actually thought the worst possible rendition of that 72′ team could end the possibility of this current Patriot team from going undefeated? You must be joking.

And what is with the Green Bay Packers? More importantly-Brett Favre. Have you ever seen him play that crappy in bad weather? And what about Jon Ryan? Talk about the punter’s day from hell.

And as if we hadn’t seen everything. We get a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, two teams who haven’t won in forever, and both are punting the ball back and forth, waiting for the other team to win the game. Congratulations, Matt Millen, you are one game closer to being average. And as for you, Jon Kitna, lay off predictions for a while.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how much more of this up and down season I can take. Teams like the Packers and Cowboys aren’t living up to expectations, Steve Smith is suddenly good again, Shaun Hill is the apparent future in San Fransisco, and the San Diego Chargers, at least for the now, are being considered a solid football team.

and the power rankings for the coming week 17…

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Week 16 2007 NFL Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers are once again a dominant team. Prior to their Dallas game a few weeks back, then had won three straight games handily, and after leaving Dallas, have now won two straight in impressive fashion, as well. They continue to win on the road, put up points, and aside from maybe this past game, reinvent their offense by integrating a new running game.

Now, all of a sudden, after the Cowboys fell to Philly, the Packers are two wins and a Dallas loss from home field advantage throughout the playoffs. How do you think the rest of the NFC is feeling right now? There’s a pretty good chance the road to the Super Bowl will be going through Lambeau.

And that’s why Green Bay jumps up a slot past Dallas this week. As for the rest of the teams, here are the power rankings for the upcoming week 16 in the NFL…

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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

Boy, was this a strange, and quite honestly, depressing week of professional football.

For starters, we saw virtually nothing out of stars like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. Yet, all three of their teams won without any significant contribution from them.

That is both strange and depressing. But, I guess for those three respective teams, also uplifting.

We also saw three NFC teams clinch their division and a playoff spot (Cowboys, Packers, and Seahawks) while we saw the Cardinals, Lions, Bears, and Eagles all do serious damage to their bids of making a run at the post season.

The question is, was there any good that came out of this week? Why, of course.

The New England Patriots, classlessness and all, stayed unbeaten, while the ever so classy Miami Dolphins found so many new ways to not win a game.

And with those few tidbits out of the way, here are your NFL power rankings for the coming week 15…

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Week 14 2007 NFL Power Rankings

This was just one of those weeks where you know something was off. Something just wasn’t quite right. Naturally, it began with Thursday Night’s game with Green Bay at Dallas. Brett Favre ran away from the offensive game plan, ignoring the style of play that had gotten his Packers off to a 10-1 start, instead throwing two picks and completing only 5 of 14 passes before leaving the game for good in the second quarter.

I mean, really? Brett Favre. Hurt? And then comes in the odd man out, the guy no one has expected anything from, basically since he was drafted. Aaron Rodgers plays exceptional football and almost wins the game.

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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Another week in the NFL, another line of questions. Is the victory over the Colt’s, as Norv Turner would say, truly a turning point? Are the Packers for real? No, the Colt’s defeat doesn’t mean the Colt’s are losing out or going to miss the playoffs, and no it doesn’t mean the Chargers have got their magic back. But yes, the Packers and Brett Favre in all his glory, are for real. And they’re here to stay, moving up to number three.

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32 Observations: NFL Power Rankings

With every writer giving their opinion on each team, and why or why not they’re living up to expectations, I felt forced to give mine as well. Yes, the Packers are going to the playoffs, and yes, the Chargers are as bad as they look. Want to find out more? just continue reading.