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32 Observations: NFL Power Rankings

With every writer giving their opinion on each team, and why or why not they’re living up to expectations, I felt forced to give mine as well. Yes, the Packers are going to the playoffs, and yes, the Chargers are as bad as they look. Want to find out more? just continue reading.

  1. New England Patriots- We know the Packers are undefeated without getting Randy Moss. But would this Patriots team be?
  2. Indianapolis Colts- You still worried if Addai can handle the load?
  3. Dallas Cowboys- Romo turned a 33 yard loss into a 5 yard gain. Plays like that don’t happen to just anybody. That’s karma for the kid with the never-ending smile.
  4. Green Bay Packers- Hey, Cheeseheads, still wanna see that Aaron Rodgers kid play?
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers- So you lost to the Cardinals. At least you didn’t pull a Baltimore and lose to the Browns. Yet.
  6. Seattle Seahawks- This team just proved that it’s the team to beat in it’s division.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Garcia and Favre are starting a trend: 37 year old quarterbacks know how to win.
  8. Tennessee Titans- Vince Young has less than 500 yards passing or 100 yards rushing, but they’re still winning. But how?
  9. Detroit Lions- Eagles blow-out loss aside, this offense is absolutely frightening.
  10. Denver Broncos- What do you expect of Cutler when Javon Walker is out?
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars- They still haven’t come anywhere close to getting that running game back to where it was last season.
  12. Washington Redskins- I love the fact that Clinton Portis is playing fairly well and still is hurt. Wait until this guy gets healthy. Oh, wait, he won’t.
  13. Arizona Cardinals- Quarterback Chinese Fire Drill aside, this offense can be scary good. Poor Matt Leinart.
  14. Baltimore Ravens- You can’t lose to the Browns and not expect some raised eyebrows. Ray Lewis has to be discouraged.
  15. Houston Texans- Schaub is fine and all, but weren’t we jumping on the band wagon a bit early? I still think Carr had a livelier arm. And could, you know, move.
  16. New York Giants- Just when you thought this team had no defense and was done, they get 12 sacks against Philly and pull back to .500. Very nice.
  17. Kansas City Chiefs- They didn’t shut down LT, but they didn’t have to. Either they’re kinda good, or San Diego is kinda bad.
  18. Oakland Raiders- Yeah, it WAS only one game, but hot damn! Daunte Culpepper sure knows how to exact revenge.
  19. Cincinnati Bengals- Porous defense? Check. Upset star wide-out? Check. Coach on the hot seat? Check.
  20. Cleveland Browns- Call me a softy, but I am liking this Derek Anderson guy. And I got bad news for Brady Quinn, Anderson looks more comfortable with each passing game.
  21. Chicago Bears- Even if this team did have a quarterback, they’d still be 1-3. The defense is not what it was last year.
  22. Carolina Panthers- When Steve Smith has 42 yards combined in your last two games, what do you expect?
  23. New York Jets- Kellen or Chad, Kellen or Chad, Kellen or Chad?
  24. San Fransisco 49ers- If this team thinks they’re in trouble WITH Alex Smith, they better get ready for a reality check.
  25. Philadelphia Eagles- Remember a few years ago when a winless Green Bay erupted for a 52-3 win over the hapless Saints?(See Eagles win over Lions) That Packer team went 4-12.
  26. Minnesota Vikings- A dude named Kelly playing in purple? Yeah, that has playoffs written all over it.
  27. Buffalo Bills- Trent Edwards looked relatively good. Controversy, anyone?
  28. Atlanta Falcons- Has the Universe swallowed itself? Because, honestly, I thought Joey Harrington was a BAD quarterback.
  29. San Diego Chargers- Are they really a bottom 5 team? Apparently.
  30. Miami Dolphins- Trent Green is not following in Garcia and Favre’s footsteps. In fact, he’s following in George Blanda’s.
  31. New Orleans Saints- I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this before. A team going from 3-13 to 10-6, back to 3-13. I mean, where’s the consistency?

  32. St.Louis Rams- It looks like the entire offense took way too much Lunesta.

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