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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

What the hell is going on?

I mean, seriously. People actually expected the Dolphins to beat the Patriots? They actually thought the worst possible rendition of that 72′ team could end the possibility of this current Patriot team from going undefeated? You must be joking.

And what is with the Green Bay Packers? More importantly-Brett Favre. Have you ever seen him play that crappy in bad weather? And what about Jon Ryan? Talk about the punter’s day from hell.

And as if we hadn’t seen everything. We get a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, two teams who haven’t won in forever, and both are punting the ball back and forth, waiting for the other team to win the game. Congratulations, Matt Millen, you are one game closer to being average. And as for you, Jon Kitna, lay off predictions for a while.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how much more of this up and down season I can take. Teams like the Packers and Cowboys aren’t living up to expectations, Steve Smith is suddenly good again, Shaun Hill is the apparent future in San Fransisco, and the San Diego Chargers, at least for the now, are being considered a solid football team.

and the power rankings for the coming week 17…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 15-0 So, I guess it’s up to the New York Giants, who have nothing left to play for, to stop the Patriots from going 16-0. Yeah, that’ll happen.
2 (2) 13-2 I get the strange feeling that everyone has forgotten that this team won the Super Bowl last season.
3 (4) 13-2 Will T.O. really be healthy for the first playoff game? And will it even matter with how poorly Tony Romo has been playing?
4 (3) 12-3 You can’t even really blame Green Bay at this point. The Bears are just so bad that they put all their focus on beating the Packers. And that’s why Green Bay is in the playoffs…
5 (5) 11-4 You just can’t say enough about this team and it’s commitment to the run. Fred Taylor got hosed this year.
6 (7) 10-5 Their division really has turned to mush, but they’re no slouches. LT just might look for an upset on his way to his first post season victory.
7 (9) 10-5 I was skeptical when Willie Parker was the leading rusher. Now he has a broken leg.
8 (10) 10-5 The only thing right now that gets me excited about this team is Patrick Kerney. Man, what a pick-up.
9 (8) 9-6 They’re in and their status won’t change, so why not rest the core guys?
10 (6) 9-6 That was, for all intents and purposes, a playoff game for this team. They just choked.
11 (12) 9-6 Finally, Jeff Fischer can start to relax. The Titans will finish above .500, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll make the playoffs.
12 (13) 10-5 Eli Manning was awful yet again. If it weren’t for that spark from the running game, this team would be looking at a must win against the undefeated Patriots.
13 (11) 8-7 All they had to do is win and they were in. These things happen when you’re a one dimensional offense with a project quarterback.
14 (18) 8-7 Is there anything more inspiring right now, than this team’s heavy hearted run toward the post-season?
15 (17) 7-8 Yep, I’m sure of it, that guy playing for Philly looked an awful lot like Donovan McNabb.
16 (14) 7-8 Marques Colston wasn’t spitting up blood because of his chest contusion. He was disgusted with his team’s play.
17 (15) 7-8 Let’s look at the positives, people. 8-8 would be an up year in Houston.
18 (20) 7-8 Congratulations, you beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. That’s like being named employee of the week at Taco Bell. Cool, but who cares?
19 (16) 6-9 Three measly points? I thought this was a rivalry.
20 (22) 6-9 Were the Bears all playing in Bear fur suits? Or were they actual live bears? Because, come on.
21 (19) 7-8 Trent Edwards helped turn a close game into a blowout loss with some turnovers, but he had some help from his own receivers.
22 (23) 7-8 This team has become the poster child for the phrase: Too little, too late.
23 (21) 6-9 The Panthers got a glimpse of how competitive their team truly is when they can get Steve Smith involved. It’s too bad they waited this long to start getting him the ball.
24 (24) 6-9 At this point, it’s not about finishing 7-9. No one cares about that. It’s about not losing to the Dolphins.
25 (27) 5-10 Shaun Hill continues to impress, and with Frank Gore running with determination, this team is quietly gaining momentum for next season.
26 (25) 4-11 Wow, what a close game between two teams who weren’t sure they could or even wanted to win another game. I got to hand it to Tony Gonzalez for playing his heart out this season, and for pretty much nothing.
27 (26) 3-12 It seems they have all the weapons to have a great offense, but something is missing. I’m going to go out on a limb and say…Mike Martz.
28 (28) 4-11 Jamarcus Russell’s first extensive action results in two sacks and four turnovers. I say keep McCown as the starter for next week.
29 (29) 4-11 Troy Smith? Really?
30 (30) 3-12 Even after his former college coach abandoned him and the rest of his teammates, Chris Redman played inspired football. Rejoice no more, football fans, for the Chris Redman comeback ends next week.
31 (31) 3-12 Pennington completed 81% of his passes. The problem was he threw two costly picks.
32 (32) 1-14 You didn’t really expect them to be the team to end the streak, did you?

5 replies on “Week 17 NFL Power Rankings”

Washington after the Vikings? Your rankings this week bother me.  As I understand it, “Power-rankings” should be based on the recent performance of a team rather than the full season record.  On this basis, both Jacksonville and the Chargers should be ahead of Green Bay.  Jacksonville has had to play Indianapolis twice and their only real bad loss was a brain-fart in New Orleans 8 weeks ago.  San Diego is 9-2 in their last 11 games with losses to Minnesota and Jacksonville and are on a 5-game win streak right now.

Certainly, Washington deserves to be ahead of Minnesota.  They beat the Vikings in Minnesota to move ahead of them in the play-off chase and, with Dallas hurting and assured of 1st seed, the Redskins have a legitimate shot of moving on.    

I can appreciate wanting to put the top two NFC teams at the three & four slots and not any lower, but who are we kidding?  The AFC is clearly the stronger conference and without the “Any given Sunday” factor whoever gets to the Superbowl from that conference will be favoured to win except, maybe, a Tennessee -vs- Dallas match-up, but I don’t really see that happening.

i agree I don’t get this either.  The only explanation would be if the Redskins beat them in washington but they beat the Vikings (and most likely knocked them out of the playoffs) in Minnesota.

bad rankings I’d say, I have to disagree, not just because I wrote the ranking, but because what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.

just because the chargers are 9-2 in their last 11 games doesn’t mean they should be ahead of the packers. want to know why? because to start the season the packers were 10-2. oh, yeah, and they beat the chargers.

and, for all the eli wishful thinkers, they beat the giants, too. way back when they still had a tight end.

your argument doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on, I’m afraid. power rankings are about season long consistency, as well as current status (which you rightfully said), but you have to use good judgment and logic.

you do make a good point with jacksonville. the only problem is that the teams above them are indeed better teams. the rankings are how they should be. the top two afc teams, then the top two nfc teams, followed by whoever from then on.

Accepting what you say… …you still don’t explain the Washington under Minnesota rank, which was both illogical and proven incorrect in week 17.

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