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Week 16 2007 NFL Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers are once again a dominant team. Prior to their Dallas game a few weeks back, then had won three straight games handily, and after leaving Dallas, have now won two straight in impressive fashion, as well. They continue to win on the road, put up points, and aside from maybe this past game, reinvent their offense by integrating a new running game.

Now, all of a sudden, after the Cowboys fell to Philly, the Packers are two wins and a Dallas loss from home field advantage throughout the playoffs. How do you think the rest of the NFC is feeling right now? There’s a pretty good chance the road to the Super Bowl will be going through Lambeau.

And that’s why Green Bay jumps up a slot past Dallas this week. As for the rest of the teams, here are the power rankings for the upcoming week 16 in the NFL…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 14-0 No touchdown for Brady and they still win? Maybe he’s not a lock for the touchdown record, after all.
2 (2) 12-2 Can we please stop comparing Anthony Gonzalez to Brandon Stokley and start comparing him to someone who’s actually good?
3 (4) 12-2 That was a healthy Rams offense that this defense totally shut down in the second half. It’s a good sign that they’re getting hot after losing to Dallas, rather than limping into the playoffs.
4 (3) 12-2 Tony Romo couldn’t pick a worse time to put forth one of his poorest efforts. If they lose again and Green Bay wins out, they can kiss good-bye home field advantage.
5 (5) 10-4 No bones about it, David Garrard has turned into a serious gamer. But let’s not kid ourselves, folks. That touchdown run by Fred Taylor with less than two minutes in the game told us all we need to know about this team: the love to run the ball, and they’re damn good at it.
6 (8) 9-5 Nevermind the Browns only scoring 8 points. It’s the big fat zero on the other end that’s impressive.
7 (9) 9-5 What a romp. I knew the Lions would be a tad short of energy after dropping 5 straight, but 51 points? San Diego fans, say hello to your 2007 AFC West Champs.
8 (11) 9-5 Jeff Garcia returned, the offense was solid, and the defense basically won the game. But how about Michael Spurlock and the end of a 32 year kick return drought?
9 (7) 9-5 Do you think they suffered a hangover from losing the “guarantee” game to Indy? If that’s the case, they better make up a nice bloody mary to resurrect their spirit, because the Cleveland Browns aren’t losing games.
10 (6) 9-5 Shaun Alexander is officially off the map, and no one else is going to do much better. Hey, Matt Hasselbeck, you better have that arm iced up real nice for the playoffs.
11 (12) 8-6 The explosive offensive production wasn’t there, but they scored when it counted. Seventeen unanswered points, to be exact.
12 (13) 8-6 Vince Young stepped up in this one, but it can’t end here. If he wants to truly silence his critics, he has to lead his team and win out.
13 (10) 9-5 You can’t throw 51 passes while completing only 35% of them and win games. I mean, come on Eli, you’re not Todd Collins.
14 (14) 7-7 In a battle between two of the most explosive, yet inconsistent teams in recent memory, New Orleans prevailed behind it’s new star running back. No, not Reggie Bush. Aaron Stecker..
15 (18) 7-7 Maybe Super Mario was a better pick over Reggie Bush, afterall.
16 (15) 6-8 You can dog Cutler and the offense all you want, but I think it’s as simple as this: Mario Williams would not be denied.
17 (19) 6-8 On a day where the offense wasn’t going to win it, the defense shut down one of the best offenses in football. Maybe Jessica Simpson had something to do with it.
18 (20) 7-7 Todd Collins arguably had a worse game than Eli Manning, yet his team prevailed. It doesn’t hurt to have Clinton Portis.
19 (17) 7-7 Once the snow cleared up a bit, Trent Edwards actually looked like an NFL quarterback.
20 (16) 6-8 Billy Miller’s third down play just put the nail in the coffin on their season. That has to hurt.
21 (26) 6-8 Steve Smith got at least 8 catches for only the second time since week 6. Is anyone at all surprised to hear that both of those games are the Panthers’ only two wins in their last 8 games?
22 (22) 5-9 All the amazing Bernard Berrian catches in the world couldn’t save this team. Are we for real going back to Kyle Orton?
23 (21) 6-8 Talk about not even showing up. This season has turned from disappointing to disastrous.
24 (23) 5-9 That’s what happens when you don’t run the ball and the other team does. I thought this was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender.
25 (24) 4-10 They stuck around against Tennessee, and Brodie Croyle made some significant strides. These next two games can be some momentum for next season. Maybe.
26 (25) 3-11 If they were completely healthy, would they have beaten Green Bay? Oh wait, they were completely healthy.
27 (29) 4-10 I think even Shaun Hill is a little shocked he’s playing this well. But it can’t last, can it? Alex Smith better hope not.
28 (27) 4-10 That has to be comforting. Losing by just one touchdown to Indianapolis after getting trounced by Green Bay?
29 (28) 4-10 Hey, Brian Billick, what’s it like to be the only team Miami has beaten this year? And on that note, should we still consider you an offensive mastermind?
30 (30) 3-11 What do you really expect when a team’s coach walks out on them? Bobby Petrino, you should be ashamed of yourself.
31 (31) 3-11 What hurts more than dropping to 3-11? Getting swept by your mentor.
32 (32) 1-13 Is anyone else disappointed the Dolphins can no longer go winless?

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