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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Another week in the NFL, another line of questions. Is the victory over the Colt’s, as Norv Turner would say, truly a turning point? Are the Packers for real? No, the Colt’s defeat doesn’t mean the Colt’s are losing out or going to miss the playoffs, and no it doesn’t mean the Chargers have got their magic back. But yes, the Packers and Brett Favre in all his glory, are for real. And they’re here to stay, moving up to number three.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 9-0 The great thing about the Patriot’s being on a bye is there’s no controversy.
2 (2) 7-2 It’s a special thing to see your quarterback throws six picks and you still have a chance. But with that aside, I have to ask — Mike Vanderjagt anyone?
3 (5) 8-1 People need to start believing this team is for real after hey ran all over the league’s second best rush defense. Their big knock before this last game was they couldn’t blow teams away.
4 (3) 8-1 For all intents and purposes, they just secured their division with that win over the Giants. They better take care of business and be 10-1 for the showdown with Green Bay and those marvelous corners.
5 (4) 7-2 A sign of a great team is winning close games and winning games they’re supposed to. The Steelers did both this Sunday. They only move down because Dallas and Green Bay are hotter.
6 (10) 6-3 Quinn Gray isn’t losing games right now, and Jones-Drew is playing like he did last season.
7 (7) 6-3 Just like Detroit, New York just dug itself a huge hole. They can forget about the division; now the season is all about avoiding a Giant-like collapse. Pun intended.
8 (6) 6-3 In an unusually average AFC conference, this team is a front-runner for one of the final playoff spots. But with shady play from Vince Young, not for long. It seems the Madden Curse is alive and well.
9 (9) 6-3 That’s a big loss to the Cardinals, but Arizona is a team on the rise. Now Detroit’s offense has to live up to it’s offense’s “catch-up” ability, and do so in the standings.
10 (17) 5-4 Sure, Norv Turner’s approach to the victory over the Colt’s as a turning point in the season is a little ridiculous, but this is still a good football team, and while their offense may have been awful, the rest of their team beat the Colts.
11 (11) 5-4 Romeo Crennel looked like a kid who just lost his cabbage patch doll after that kick fell short. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
12 (12) 5-4 They didn’t have to do a thing and they just gained a one game edge in their division.
13 (14) 5-4 Taking care of business at home against a sub-par team is a must, and they did that. But that was the 49ers, and without a functional running game, this team won’t go much further than winning their putrid division.
14 (16) 5-4 It sure isn’t pretty, but this team has put together one heck of a 4 game winning streak. But now comes New England.
15 (24) 4-5 This team is like Michael Keaton’s acting career; so many ups and downs, I don’t know which team is the real Eagles; the ones from Batman or the ones from Multiplicity. My hat goes off to Brian Westbrook though, even if his performance downed my team in fantasy football. All sad fantasy plugs aside, that 20 point 4th quarter just may have saved their season.
16 (13) 5-4 They had a chance to bury the Eagles, as well as get within striking distance of the Giants. That was quite a collapse.
17 (23) 4-5 A big time win over Detroit. That is the game they needed to push them over the hump. This is a playoff team as long as they start believing.
18 (25) 4-5 Having Jay Cutler for the entire game definitely makes a difference, but so does facing Brodie Croyle.
19 (8) 4-5 They laid a real stinker against a winless team. So much for that whole “come-back” thing. I’m still impressed with the 4 game streak, but this was just sad. Every analyst across the county (including me) just ate their own words when they said this team was a playoff team. Don’t hold your breath.
20 (21) 4-5 Wow, I guess they CAN win with Rex at the helm. I know I should be asking, who’s it gonna be? Grossman or Griese? But who really cares? That offense is going nowhere, and Cedric Benson is a big reason why.
21 (15) 4-5 I’m all for seeing what this Croyle kid can do, but not quite yet. Damon Huard still gives them the best chance to win the division and they’re still right in the thick of it.
22 (22) 4-5 When the heck is Andre Johnson coming back?
23 (18) 4-5 This was a damn good team before Jake Delhomme went down. He clearly was a bigger part of that offense than anyone gave him credit for. Steve Smith has turned into the red-headed step child of this offense.
24 (26) 3-6 They beat the Baltimore Ravens by kicking seven field goals. That, in so many ways, is depressing.
25 (20) 3-6 Adding injury to insult, Adrian Peterson went down in the shutout to Green Bay with a ligament tear in his knee. That will happen when you’re carrying your team’s entire offensive load.
26 (19) 4-5 Two straight games of just scoring one touchdown, and Steve McNair is still the starter? I know what Kyle Boller has to offer isn’t much, but come on.
27 (29) 3-6 Harrington played adequately in Atlanta’s unlikely second straight win, but for the second consecutive week, Warrick Dunn was the hero.
28 (28) 2-7 Frank Gore is hobbled, the receiving corps is non-existent, and Alex Smith doesn’t have any time to throw. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Nolan, on several respects.
29 (31) 1-8 They finally got that first win. And to be honest, they looked damn good doing it. But something tells me that’s more thanks to New Orleans than a healthy offense.
30 (30) 1-8 The only thing I like about this team is Thomas Jones, and they don’t know how to use him. Aside from losing Jonathan Vilma for the year, the biggest disappointment has been the coaching.
31 (27) 2-7 Didn’t this team spend the number one overall pick on a quarterback? At least Justin Fargas is playing well.
32 (32) 0-9 Two straight three point losses. A winless team has to be dying inside from that. Oh, by the way, you can forget about that John Beck talk. Coach Cameron is shamelessly trying to save his job through Cle Lemon. It’s working beautifully.

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