Washington Redskins

A Donovan McNabb Primer for Redskins Fans

Dear Redskins fans,

We’re not that different you and I.  We’re football fans, we’re rivals, we both want to win the Super Bowl.  We’re basically neighbors who don’t like each other.   For the past 10 years, you’ve been looking at the car that’s been parked in my driveway, a high performance shiny model, getting up there in miles but mostly reliable and certainly better than anything you’ve had in your garage for the past decade, even as you buy car after car.  Yet, even though I don’t like you, I just sold you my car.  Curious, isn’t it?

From the outside, it’s easy to look at Donovan McNabb and think that Eagles fans (well, at least some of us) must be either crazy or stupid for happily offering to make a trip down I-95 and drop off McNabb’s stuff.  But, from the outside, you have no idea what you’re in for.   Here’s a dossier on what you can expect from the Donovan McNabb Experience and why.

Philadelphia Eagles

Can McNabb handle inevitable calls for Vick?

A couple of weeks ago, while we were broadcasting Poor Man’s PTI, RJ called in and informed me that the Eagles had just signed Michael Vick.  Like the rest of football America, I was shocked and dumbfounded.   Not because I had any objection to Michael Vick being back in the NFL but because I had no idea what the Eagles wanted Michael Vick on the team for.

The only time I’ve been confident in an NFC Championship game was when the Eagles took on the Atlanta Falcons.  There was no way that Michael Vick, even with his considerable athletic skills, could read and react to the defense that Jim Johnson was going to throw at him.  Rarely am I that correct on anything.

The problem with Vick then is the problem with Vick now — he’s just not a very good quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles

Reid and McNabb: More fool’s gold for Philly fans


It was week 12 of the 2008 NFL season and the unthinkable happened: Donovan McNabb was benched for the second half. Kevin Kolb stepped in and promptly screwed the pooch some more. That poor pooch had a rough couple of weeks as he’d already been screwed repeatedly by McNabb in previous quarters. Every Eagles fan and reporter thought, “wow, this is the end of the McNabb era.”

Not so fast. While I sat around and wished for the Eagles to lose their remaining games to hasten a regime change (I even came up with a clever term for it: f’ing the kennel), the Cardinals came to town and promptly laid down for the Eagles, starting a run that will go down in Eagles history: finishing 4-1, knocking the Cowboys out to sneak into the playoffs as a 6 seed; beating the Giants twice, once in the NFC Divisional round to make the NFC Championship game.

Riding high on emotion and momentum, the Eagles were a 4 point favorites on the road against the Cardinals and did what they do best: choke.

College Football

Pat White is an NFL quarterback

In what was arguably the best bowl game of the season in college football, West Virginia escaped North Carolina with a 31-30 victory to capture the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, N.C. and spoiled what was basically the Tar Heel fans’ home game.

Senior quarterback Pat White threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Alric Arnett midway through the fourth quarter and the victory was sealed for the Mountaineers by a Pat Lazear interception. White eclipsed his previous highest passing yards of 222 yards against Louisville in 2006 with an astonishing 332 yards and completing 26 of 32 passes as well as adding three touchdowns to the cause.

NFL General

Week 2 2008 NFL Power Rankings

Aside from Redskins tight end Chris Cooley revealing more than just his playbook, this week was nothing but gravy in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers continues to impress, while backed by a quite clearly explosive defense. However, the Packers were facing the Lions.

Interesting circumstances had certain teams winning or losing games, and sending a bunch of pre-season Super Bowl contenders to the dreaded 0-2.

Just off the top of my head, it’s looking like Mike Holmgren’s swan song is going downhill before it could really ever get started, the Chargers desperately miss Shawne Merriman already, and the Minnesota Vikings, despite already being labeled as one-dimensional, are…well, just that.

However, what has not changed, is that Tony Romo and the Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFC, the Colts are still relevant in the AFC, and Tom Brady or no Tom Brady, the Patriots are undefeated.

But aside from the rise and fall of many teams, the most telling fact in the league has remained the impact of the 2008 draft class.

Felix Jones returned a kickoff for a touchdown on Monday night, DeSean Jackson registered his second straight 100 yard game to start his career, Eddie Royal caught his second straight touchdown, and Jonathan Stewart had two rushing touchdowns. And that’s just on the offensive side of the ball.

Here are the week two NFL Power Rankings…

Philadelphia Eagles

The Legend of the "EAGLES" Fan

For decades now the National sports media has turned the Philadelphia fan into some kind of monster – devoid of a soul. Booing Donovan McNabb on draft day, Fighting with Clinton Portis’s Mom, Booing old St.Nick. We’ve heard em all. Haven’t we? That crazy – Eagles fan is at it again. Well I’m here to breakdown what EAGLES fans are really like by giving you the Philadelphia Eagles Demographic Breakdown: