Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles 2010: Farce or Tragedy?

When the news flashed across the wires that Michael Vick was the new starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles, I could only shake my head in disbelief. Just last week, I wrote:

“[Reid] is not going to wither under media and fan pressure to start Michael Vick. First, because he knows Michael Vick is not the long term answer at QB… More importantly, because admitting he made a mistake in anointing Kevin Kolb the future one game into the season would mean that Andy made a mistake in evaluating Kolb’s talent. For four years. … His concussion might force Kolb to sit versus the Lions but as soon as he’s healthy, Kevin Kolb will be back under center.”


This isn’t about being wrong. This is about being wrong about Reid as a coach. Despite all the complaints about Reid as a head coach (poor clock management, passing too much, lack of a running game, arrogance, etc.), the one positive trait that always stood out was his ability to remain calm and steer the ship towards his destination. We might not have always agreed on the course he chose, but we knew that he would never panic and overcorrect. After all, that’s the type of knee jerk behavior that gets other coaches around the league fired.

So what does Andy do? He throws everything out the window and makes a knee jerk reaction. What in the name of Rich Kotite is going on here?

Philadelphia Eagles

In Defense of Kevin Kolb

kevin kolb gets sacked(or Quick! Everyone Panic!  Kolb fails to win Super Bowl in week 1.)

There’s no getting around it: Kolb was absolutely dreadful on Sunday. 5 for 10 passing, 24 yards, 2 sacks, and a 56.3 rating. Not only were the stats bad, he looked jittery and confused in the pocket, something that we were told by Eagles brass would not happen with the quick decision making Kolb.

So is it time to call it a season, or even worse, start Michael Vick at QB? Of course not. While a QB controversy is good for websites, sports radio, and even something called newspapers, it’s not good for the Eagles. Furthermore, there is no quarterback controversy. Kevin Kolb is your starting QB.

Philadelphia Eagles

Can McNabb handle inevitable calls for Vick?

A couple of weeks ago, while we were broadcasting Poor Man’s PTI, RJ called in and informed me that the Eagles had just signed Michael Vick.  Like the rest of football America, I was shocked and dumbfounded.   Not because I had any objection to Michael Vick being back in the NFL but because I had no idea what the Eagles wanted Michael Vick on the team for.

The only time I’ve been confident in an NFC Championship game was when the Eagles took on the Atlanta Falcons.  There was no way that Michael Vick, even with his considerable athletic skills, could read and react to the defense that Jim Johnson was going to throw at him.  Rarely am I that correct on anything.

The problem with Vick then is the problem with Vick now — he’s just not a very good quarterback.

General Sports

July 30 2009 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

We discuss the decline of Phillies fandom, Michael Vick, and not a single mention of the new names on the steroid list. You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 90 mins) or subscribe to the feed. If you use iTunes, just click here and then click subscribe and iTunes will take care of the rest. This week’s topics include:

  • Thug Philly fans are annoying Vin and killing each other
  • Where will Vick end up?
  • Puerto Rican cockfighting in Connecticut
  • Erin (almost out of the news cycle) Andrews 911 call
  • Cliff Lee to the Phillies. Will Halladay stay put?

Trivia Question of the week: Whic player had the most hits in the 1990s? (Answer after the jump.)

General Sports

May 21 2009 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

NBA and NHL conference finals are underway but we manage to spend 40 minutes figuring out which team Michael Vick might end up on. You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 90 mins) or subscribe to the feed.

If you use iTunes, just click here and then click subscribe and iTunes will take care of the rest.

This week’s topics include:

  • Recapping the Boston/Orlando series
  • NBA conference championships
  • Rooting interests and fan violations
  • Preakness
  • Michael Vick’s future team:  we examine the possibilities of all 32 NFL teams

This week’s trivia question is:  Who is the only Major Leaguer to have three 100+RBI seasons three years in a row with three different teams.   The answer after the jump.

College Football

Pat White is an NFL quarterback

In what was arguably the best bowl game of the season in college football, West Virginia escaped North Carolina with a 31-30 victory to capture the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, N.C. and spoiled what was basically the Tar Heel fans’ home game.

Senior quarterback Pat White threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Alric Arnett midway through the fourth quarter and the victory was sealed for the Mountaineers by a Pat Lazear interception. White eclipsed his previous highest passing yards of 222 yards against Louisville in 2006 with an astonishing 332 yards and completing 26 of 32 passes as well as adding three touchdowns to the cause.

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The Plague

Is anyone else sick of hearing about high profile players getting arrested or having allegations thrown at them? I know I am. And the worst part is not the inability of these “naturally good hearted guys” to stay away from trouble, or whether or not they can apologize effectively enough for us to forget it all, but more, our eagerness to allow it to continue.

Random Thoughts


    Remember in 2002, Michael Vick’s first full season as the Falcon’s starter, when he beat the Minnesota Vikings in overtime after scampering 46 yards for the score. Yeah, me too. I remember watching it on Sports Center again and again. It was like poetry in motion watching the Falcon’s star run left and right breaking tackles at will in route to his game winning touchdown.
    Vick is questionably the most exciting player we have in the present day NFL. When he laces them up, anything can happen, and usually will. But, is there a sadistic, dog fighter underneath the play making Falcon star?

Atlanta Falcons

Who to pick when dealing with Vick?

 Right now, I’m heaving a large sigh….


Because Michael Vick is killing Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons.

I say Arthur Blank because he’s really the one who matters with these incidents. He’s the Home Depot good humanitarian who is the extremely high profile owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He’s the one who pushed Michael Vick in the wheel chair. He’s a great guy. Do a google search on Arthur Blank and you’ll see nothing but good works for the community from a great guy.

Blah, blah, blah, nothing interesting another executive who works for the United Way….yawn, it’s all gravy… At some point it gets nauseating, but Arthur Blank (himself) is not really at that point. The Atlanta Falcons (particularly Michael Vick) have a different diagnosis, don’t they?

Wait, what’s this: Michael Vick and The Atlanta Falcons lose to the Browns and Lions in consecutive weeks where Vick plays extremely badly? Oho, what’s this Michael Vick flipped off the fans? Did Jim Mora Sr. just say that Michael Vick is a coach killer? Did Jim Mora Jr. just say that he wanted to coach Seattle and isn’t he the coach of the Atlanta Falcons? Is that Michael Vick telling sources last year at the Pro Bowl that he’s not comfortable with the offense?