12-Step program to get over a football addiction after your team is eliminated from the playoffs

12-Step program to get over a football addiction after your team is eliminated from the playoffs:

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The Vick Quandary

Get this. Michael Vick, a superstar quarterback in the National Football League, pulling down an obscene amount of coin to play a game he probably loves, could lose his career because he made sport of watching dogs kill, and die. Good fun for deranged folk. Maybe I’m a hard judge. I never understood the appeal of blowing a deer’s brains out, either.

This whole saga becomes more incredibly warped as the days bleed away. Vick was becoming the face of an unstoppable corporate monster that has no parallel in American sport. He was on the cover of videogames, shouted out in rap songs. He was a celebrity nationwide, but an icon in Atlanta, a virtual deity to a community ready to elevate a new hero, all their own. He was obsessed over. Could he ever master the west coast offense? Would the Falcons provide him with a true number one receiver? This was important business, the evaluation of a prodigy. Now, he is a problem. For fans, for journalists, for the league he starred for. And he isn’t going away.

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Coach of the Year voting missed the real best coach

Each year, I’m more and more convinced that the NFL’s Coach of the Year Award goes to the most improved team without regard to actual coaching ability.

As expected, the Coach of the Year Award came down to Tony Sparano of the Miami Dolphins and Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons, who took over teams with a combined five wins in 2007 and turned out a pair of 11-5 records.

As expected, the man who did the best job in football got absolutely none.

Sparano and Smith’s accomplishments aside, tell me how Gary Kubiak was not even a candidate? You want to know why? His team did not improve in the standings.

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So This Is What It’s Like? Life with a Superstar

Growing up in Atlanta in the 1980’s with a father that went to Mississippi State offered me a few things as a sports fan.  No, no, not enjoying games on prime time television or the thrill of winning the big one.  Think more along the lines of humility and hopelessness.  Being a fan of the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks as well as Mississippi State football and basketball in the 1980’s was much like pledging Omega in Animal House.  More often than not, I found myself assuming the position and shouting “Thank you, sir, may I have another!”

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Who to pick when dealing with Vick?

 Right now, I’m heaving a large sigh….


Because Michael Vick is killing Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons.

I say Arthur Blank because he’s really the one who matters with these incidents. He’s the Home Depot good humanitarian who is the extremely high profile owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He’s the one who pushed Michael Vick in the wheel chair. He’s a great guy. Do a google search on Arthur Blank and you’ll see nothing but good works for the community from a great guy.

Blah, blah, blah, nothing interesting another executive who works for the United Way….yawn, it’s all gravy… At some point it gets nauseating, but Arthur Blank (himself) is not really at that point. The Atlanta Falcons (particularly Michael Vick) have a different diagnosis, don’t they?

Wait, what’s this: Michael Vick and The Atlanta Falcons lose to the Browns and Lions in consecutive weeks where Vick plays extremely badly? Oho, what’s this Michael Vick flipped off the fans? Did Jim Mora Sr. just say that Michael Vick is a coach killer? Did Jim Mora Jr. just say that he wanted to coach Seattle and isn’t he the coach of the Atlanta Falcons? Is that Michael Vick telling sources last year at the Pro Bowl that he’s not comfortable with the offense?

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In lieu of ebay….

There was the Kansas City Royals fan who surrendered because of his frustration by selling 20 years of memorabilia on the internet and allowing the winning bidder to choose his new team.

But this is different.