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In lieu of ebay….

There was the Kansas City Royals fan who surrendered because of his frustration by selling 20 years of memorabilia on the internet and allowing the winning bidder to choose his new team.

But this is different.In 1980, the Royals made the World Series. And in 1985, they won it.

The Atlanta Falcons? They’ve never won six games in six consecutive seasons. They’ve never had consecutive winning seasons. Even the Saints have done both of those. Hell, the Saints had seven consecutive non-losing seasons.

And in a sheer fluke, everything went right in 1998, when the previously presumed dead Chris Chandler led the Falcons alongside Jamal Anderson, who carried the ball a record 410 times. Atlanta finished 14-2 and even made it to the Super Bowl, where it fell to the Broncos 34-19.

In 2005, the Falcons had a chance to reverse history, or at least some of it, needing to finished only 3-5 after a 6-2 start to complete a second consecutive winning season. The team went 2-6.

And after dropping to 5-5 on Sunday, I’m ready to give up.

No franchise- not even the Arizona “football” Cardinals- is more inept. At least they once won a championship.

Excluding franchises that have been birthed since 1995, no other team can say its never had consecutive winning seasons. In fact, the only streak close to the Falcons’ streak of 40 such seasons was done from 1919-1949, when the Phillies had 30 losing seasons in a 31-year period. By the end of this year, Atlanta will likely to have eclipsed that by 10.

The Phillies held the honor of ineptness for 100 years, but even they won a championship, beating the previously mentioned Royals in 1980.

It is more than conceivable that the Falcons will never win a title. Actually, it borders on probable.

Thus I’ve decided to surrender my fanship. It isn’t worth it.

At least with the Saints, with the Brewers, with the Warriors, you can tell they try. They try to find the best talent to compete and it always falls apart. The Falcons don’t.

They’ve traded Brett Favre and Deion Sanders, both of whom were the difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl in 1998. And before that, they let Gerald Riggs go in his prime. These are just samples of their mistakes.

And the worst was Vick.

The front office realized that by trading their future for Michael Vick, the franchise could make fortunes without even needing to be competitive. Vick was a star, even if his stats never matched his marketability. Vick has had the most popular NFL jersey six years in a row, including 2003, when he didn’t even play until December.

Thus the Falcons don’t need to win to be one of the more profitable NFL franchises. Arizona has always known this, Tampa Bay figured it out in 1980, and Atlanta figured it out shortly thereafter.

Luckily, the Buccaneers reversed their ways when they changed owners in the mid-90s, and eventually won a Super Bowl in 2002. Arthur Blank bought the Falcons in 2002 and initially there was hope, but who’s to say he doesn’t just use Vick and spend nothing elsewhere? If he were smart, he would.

I’ve given up- I don’t want to root for the Falcons anymore. It just isn’t worth it.

So I ask you to pick my new team. I will reject Arizona because that wouldn’t change anything. And I will reject the Cowboys, Patriots, 49ers, Eagles, and any other NFC South team because I’m not going to root for the devil. Pick my team and give me a reason.

It’s the rational thing to do.

Anything else beats being a Falcon fan; anything else beats futility.

I’m told that you should stick with your team through the hard times, but this isn’t hard times. This is a franchise not caring.

We can’t do diddly-poo offensively. Or defensively. Or anywhere else on the field. Or off.

Or else maybe, just maybe, I’d still have a reason to cheer for this team.

By bsd987

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what didn’t you like gatekeeper, what didn’t you like? If you vote against an article, it is polite to say why you voted against it so to help the writer improve his/her article.

Dear BSD I find your question interesting. You could try Pittsburgh or Cleveland where fans have tons of passion (although not a lot of winning with the Browns but plenty of that passion), or an up and comer like San Diego who might be a damn good team for awhile. Me, though, I like snow with my football so I’d try a cold-weather city like KC, Buffalo, Chicago, Green Bay etc…

As I typed this, it hit me. I have to say Pittsburgh and here’s why…and it’s not because I’m a Pittsburgh homer.

You’re the most gloom and doomiest (is that a word? — who cares) person on this site. Steeler fans REVEL in that misery when they’re not playing well. You have high standards like Steeler fans, and this team will NEVER reach them (I know we won the Super Bowl last year, but people were STILL CALLING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ROETHLISBERGER’S PERFORMANCE!!!–which totally sucked btw)

To paraphrase a line from a movie: Steeler fans don’t celebrate their team, they mourn it. That means that they don’t enjoy the winning as much as they can’t stand the losing.

Anyways, I humbly submit my offer and wish you luck in your journey to your mecca of football. May your beer be cold, your DIRECTV signal be clear, and your girl be quiet (from 1-7 PM).

Your friend in football,
RJ Warner

The Devils… I welcome you to join the Cowboys! We’re gonna win the NFC, then have a tough time beatin the Chargers, but it’s a rollercoaster! C’mon…Romo is the second coming of the great Fav-re!

All are welcome… …on the Jets bandwagon…

get on it, while we rebuild, this way you’ll get a good seat.

hey There wasn’t anything really wrong with the article.  The thing I didn’t like was the lack of loyalty.  I don’t care how much your team sucks, you stick with them.  I hate bandwagon jumpers.  You dont just go and change teams.  Are you kidding me?  If your a true fan, you stick with your team through thick and thin.  I honestly don’t know how you can just pick a new team?  I couldn’t bring myself to root for another team.  I just couldn’t.  I am loyal.  I am a true fan.  No matter what, even through the dreadful Drew “cant throw” Bledslow” era, I still stuck with my boys.  no matter if they are 16-0 or 0-16, they will always be my boys.  Do us all a favor, stick with your Falcons.  What if they ended up doing the impossible this year?  Then what would you say?  I just dont understand how you can just switch teams?  How can you root for someone else?  I just dont understand.  GO COWBOYS!

actually as much as I loathe the Jets, I do have an unnatural lust for their draft class this year, which I ranked as the best I’ve ever seen.

okay Point taken, but for future reference, it’s against normal procedure to vote against an article because you disagree with its content. You’re fairly new, so I won’t hold this against you.

In all honesty, I will probably stay a Falcons’ fan (the leading argument is I should become a Bengals fan because simply “Chad Johnson”), but the franchise is inept. They don’t even try to field a competitive team. It’s sad.

No… I don’t always agree. I think the point Bsd’s trying to make is that he feels the ownership of his favorite team is playing him and the rest of the fans for suckers. It’s like they’re almost saying, “It doesn’t matter what we do on the field, they’ll show up and shell out thousands for season tickets, PSL’s, refreshments and Vick jerseys.” How can he be a “true fan” if his team doesn’t act like a true team and attempt to put a winner on the field?

I also think that nobody in the world has ever taken a three game losing streak harder than bsd, but his point in this case is a good one. Plus, the article is excellent and should never be voted down for an opinion you disagree with.

…sf? BSD…why not the 49ers? Why are they listed under ‘the devil?’

I have a very strong feeling that the Niners will make the playoffs this year, and they’re not getting any worse…Good time to switch to our ship, especially since nobody will say anything about bandwagon-jumping, front-running, etc. because so many fans still think SF sucks…

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