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Coach of the Year voting missed the real best coach

Each year, I’m more and more convinced that the NFL’s Coach of the Year Award goes to the most improved team without regard to actual coaching ability.

As expected, the Coach of the Year Award came down to Tony Sparano of the Miami Dolphins and Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons, who took over teams with a combined five wins in 2007 and turned out a pair of 11-5 records.

As expected, the man who did the best job in football got absolutely none.

Sparano and Smith’s accomplishments aside, tell me how Gary Kubiak was not even a candidate? You want to know why? His team did not improve in the standings.

Houston Texans

What Are They Thinking?

The Houston Texans and Charley Casserley will be the laughing stock of the NFL after taking Mario Williams with the number one pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Houston Texans

Texans Shopping First Pick: Who Should Trade Up?

By David J. Cohen

The Houston Texans are reportedly looking into trading the first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. They have already contacted a couple of teams about a possible trade. The move would be a smart one for the Texans, who need many pieces instead of one, have a solid QB in David Carr and have perhaps the NFL’s most underrated RB in Domanick Davis. And from what I’ve seen at the combine through day 5, this year’s crop of players is the deepest group in years. This means the Texans could trade the pick, still be high in round 1, and obtain additional high round draft choices which should yield top round talent.

If the pick is available for the taking there are several teams that could make a move for the spot. Some of these teams should move up and some should just stay put. Here are some possible teams that could make a move to get the player they truly covet.