Philadelphia Eagles

The Legend of the "EAGLES" Fan

For decades now the National sports media has turned the Philadelphia fan into some kind of monster – devoid of a soul. Booing Donovan McNabb on draft day, Fighting with Clinton Portis’s Mom, Booing old St.Nick. We’ve heard em all. Haven’t we? That crazy – Eagles fan is at it again. Well I’m here to breakdown what EAGLES fans are really like by giving you the Philadelphia Eagles Demographic Breakdown:PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FAN BREAKDOWN

“The Real Diehard Eagles Fan” 50%: This is the fan that is middle class to upper class. There are a ton of these. They grew up viewing the EAGLES with passion and have suffered through years of coming up short but have the proper perspective about their team. They will not abandon ship and will follow every online news article as it comes up during the day even in the middle of Feb thru June. This fan is starting to take over the “LINC” as tickets become more expensive but still affordable. They know the game inside and out and while they may have wanted Ricky Williams – they didn’t Boo McNabb and may say something to people in opposing teams jersey’s when they come to our stadium but its in fun and will buy them a beer after the game. You’ll see this fan sitting with the opposing teams fan at tailgates and joking around. This fan wants a Super Bowl before they die but quite frankly realize that their kids, job and family are more important than the Eagles. Perspective. Do they boo? When its warranted. Yes.

“They booed Santa and McNabb Eagles Fan” 20%: You have the blue collar lifer who fits the description that you guys are portraying and that ESPN sells. They have the IQ of a pound of cement and they don’t have a clue. They are from the lower class regions of SE PA and South Jersey and most of them don’t even live in Philadelphia. They have a strong knowledge of the game because they don’t invest any time in their families or jobs and just worry about football all week / every week. They’ll go to jail if it means spitting on an opposing teams fan. This fan thinks Jerome Brown is just shy of Jesus. Do they boo? Yes. Everything.

“The Business Man Eagles Fan” 20%: The luxury box / super box fan. All teams have these. It’s the people who bring their wives with them to the game and the wife is wearing the huge sunglasses with her fur coat and drinking chocolate martini’s. They’re more concerned that their $60,000 SUV is parked safely at the game then whether Matt McCoy can tackle. They like their team for the most part – but if they lose – eh – I have a busy day at work tomorrow. Do they boo? No. They’re on their cell phone.

“The Lifer” 10%: This is a fan of all financial backgrounds. They were raised on the EAGLES and could tell you how many yards that Keith Byars had rushing his rookie year. They’ll make sure you know that the 1991 Eagles defense was the greatest of all time in the NFL and they’ll claim that the 1960 Championship is just as good as any Super Bowl title. Passionate is not the word. You may see this fan as the CEO of your company and when you walk in his office he has an autographed Ron Jaworski picture with himself at a golf tournament or he may be the Delivery Guy at UPS who proudly has his locker decked out in EAGLES memorabilia. This fan has a normal life and proper perspective but overall…the way the EAGLES go…they go. They are not rude and quite frankly can’t stand the “They booed Santa and McNabb” fan at all. They’re trying to breakdown the plays at the game as they occur and would prefer the guy who is puking on himself just go home. The Life actually usually prefers to grab his chair at home and sit in front of his beautiful TV on game days by himself so he can “concentrate”. Do they boo? When it’s warranted. Yes.

* So there is your breakdown. Unfortunately the 20% boo bird crowd gets all the hype and attention nationally and when you go to the LINC you’ll run into these clowns. But overall the EAGLES fan is a very football savvy fan who is passionate to a fault and wants a Super Bowl badly. They don’t boo everything that moves and they don’t take a second mortgage to afford season tickets…and they didn’t boo Santa or McNabb…

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