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All Fans Are Morons (Not Just Us)

Dear Vancouver,

Thank You.

No, not for yipping like little girls whenever Tim Thomas looked at you funny. (After all, nobody ever wants to see a Boston team win a championship.) Thank you for proving that even the best cities have a boatload of crappy ignorant fans.

See, in Philly, we are saddled with the stereotype that Philly fans are disgusting, rude, violent and insane sub-humans who would throw their mothers over the upper-level railing if she was wearing a Cowboys jersey. (She deserved it.) Clearly this stereotype is as inaccurate as ‘Canadians are scared of the dark’ or ‘Brazilians always use too much postage’ or ‘women can cook’. And yet, it endures.

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6/23 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: The Peasants Are Revolting

We’re a little early again with Poor Man’s PTI this week. Ryan and Vin discuss Boston’s first Stanley Cup in decades and the top sports riots in North America.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Recapping Game 7 and the Bruins’ $156k bar tab.
  • 17 year old athlete caught on camera trying to light police car on fire – bye bye scholarship
  • NBA Draft discussion
  • Top 10 List: North American Sports Riots

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