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8/19 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: God is back

Ryan and Vin discuss the return of Favre, the lying of Roger Clemens, and the rules of golf.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Brett, Brett, Brett – the world can’t get enough of Favre
  • Rex Ryan, Tony Dungy, and Hard Knocks
  • Tim Tebow has the #1 selling jersey in the NFL
  • Is LeBron a high school girl?
  • You can’t lie to the feds like you did to baseball fans, Roger
  • No sympathy for Dustin Johnson

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The Lost Art of Competent Coaching

This article is not going to be like anything I’ve ever written before because, quite simply, I’m jealous. And it shows.

Because I’m smarter than almost every head football coach, at least in terms of something as simple as clock management. And while I’m watching people with bigger contracts than the economy of Tuvalu make juvenile errors without anyone pointing out their errors, it makes me sick.

If you’re going to make $2 million a year to stand on the sidelines, eat cheeseburgers, and invent facial expressions that would embarrass even Wade Phillips, then maybe, just maybe you should be able to control the clock.

With the only exclusions of Bill Belichick and, for some reason, Dave Wannstedt, coaches just can’t seem to get it right. Over my decade carefully studying late-game clock management, those two reign above everyone else, calling plays and doling timeouts that used the clock to their advantage, regardless of how good (or in Wannstedt’s case, bad), they were outside of the proverbial final two minutes.

So for the rest of this article, let’s exclude those two coaches from this discussion.