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Memphis, not Calipari, will be villified longer

Nice try, Gary Parrish. Very nice try.

But if I were to say you were wrong, it would very well diminish the meaning of “wrong” for future generations, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

You are past wrong, beyond wrong if you will. You are located somewhere between fool and foolish, probably closer to the previous than the latter.

College Football

Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved: Week 13 of the College Football Season

And now, the regular season over. Kansas and LSU’s gooses (or should I say turkeys?) are cooked, and we’ve only got one week to go before a month of non-stop controversy.

College Football

College Football Week 10 Thoughts

Joe Pa Takes One for the Team
I’ll admit that I am not in any way a Joe Paterno. I think that, like Bobby Bowden, his best coaching days are far behind him and he is holding the Penn State football program hostage. However, whenever a 79 year old guy takes a tumble like this, has surgery the next day and still plans on being on the sideline this weekend you have to give him due credit.

Paterno’s injuries were a broken shin bone and torn knee ligaments.

Mountain Climbers
I’ve been on the West Virginia band wagon since last season. I picked them to play Ohio State in the BCS Championship game but Louisville brought all of that to a screeching halt Thursday night with their 44-34 win over the Mountaineers.