6/7 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: The Jinx is Real

Ryan and Vin discuss the NFL mega-lawsuit, Tim Tebow’s Fire, and jinx the hell out of the Celtics.

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This week’s topics include:

  • The 80 player lawsuit against the NFL
  • Nobody comes out of the closet
  • The golden age of the pitcher
  • Good Job, Good Effort kid
  • The Triple Crown
  • Worst Stanley Cup Finals
  • Top 10 List: Sports Anthems

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NBA General

Kevin Do Not

Why are we still talking about Kevin Durant like he’s the second coming of Lebron James, or even the second coming of Carmelo Anthony, for that matter? I mean, his situation relates in some ways better to Anthony, as a matter of fact, but you get my point. We’re ballooning this kid into this great statue of a player, and he’s played just 8 games. We’re buffing him and sculpting him into something his fragile frame cannot handle. I mean, really. He moves around like a high school player. The kid couldn’t even bench 180 pounds at pre-draft workouts. Not even once. And don’t tell me that has nothing to do with basketball. It has plenty to do with basketball. Look at Lebron, Kobe, and T-Mac. These guys are finesse, yet complete players. They take it to the rim with moves, swagger, confidence, but most importantly, physical play. They rely on their muscle, explosion, and finishing touch to dominate their opponents, and I’m here to tell you, that is something that our chosen one Kevin Durant severely lacks.

NBA General

Rookie Rankings

The following are the players in this year’s draft that will have the biggest impact in 2007 NBA season. The top 5 guys will be the most likely for rookie of the year contention, and the remaining 10 will be huge components of the season, showing that this year’s draft will go down as one of the deepest in quite some time.

NBA General

NBA Draft Preview

The NBA Draft is soon approaching, and if you ask me, is not getting the attention it deserves. Sure, there’s the top two that everyone is talking about: Oden and Durant. But after them, a lot of these players are going unnoticed or flying way too far under the radar. I have taken it upon myself to enlighten the public on what players should be drafted this year. One thing I refuse to do, unlike NBA GM’s, is fill the end of the second round with European project players. Each player at each pick is a player that truly deserves to be there.

College Basketball

Why Kevin Durant Should Stay In School

by Trevor Freeman

For the next month and a half, Kevin Durant will be inundated with people whispering that he would be a fool to not declare for the NBA Draft.  They will tell Durant about the $70 million that Nike will throw at him.  Agents will give him the same treatment that “Vinny Chase” got when he cruelly decided to explore the option of replacing “Ari Gold”.  Writers will talk about how if the goal of college is to get a great education so you can get a good job, that Durant has already done enough to accomplish this goal.  What nobody has done is articulate the other side.  The reasoning for why he should stay in school.  That’s where I come in.  So Kevin, if you’re reading make sure you take the following five things into account before voting “yes” on the money and “no” on Texas.