High School Sports

Texas High School Offenses Applying Old Concepts to New Situations

Veer, midline, speed option, and load option are things of the past in Texas high school football, right?  These “old school” option plays might be appropriate for a wikipedia article on Tom Osborne, but certainly don’t apply to high flying, spread attacks that are common amongst one of the nation’s strongest high school football states, do they?  Fact is, more and more teams are incorporating these time honored schemes into their already complex offensive systems.  After all, with the cyclical nature of football, it was only a matter of time before integration of old and new would occur.

College Basketball

Why Kevin Durant Should Stay In School

by Trevor Freeman

For the next month and a half, Kevin Durant will be inundated with people whispering that he would be a fool to not declare for the NBA Draft.  They will tell Durant about the $70 million that Nike will throw at him.  Agents will give him the same treatment that “Vinny Chase” got when he cruelly decided to explore the option of replacing “Ari Gold”.  Writers will talk about how if the goal of college is to get a great education so you can get a good job, that Durant has already done enough to accomplish this goal.  What nobody has done is articulate the other side.  The reasoning for why he should stay in school.  That’s where I come in.  So Kevin, if you’re reading make sure you take the following five things into account before voting “yes” on the money and “no” on Texas.      

College Football

College Football: Week One Remix

It began with a “did that really just happen” moment on August 31 and ended (mercifully) around the twilight hour on Labor Day.

Here’s what stood out from college football’s opening week: