6/7 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: The Jinx is Real

Ryan and Vin discuss the NFL mega-lawsuit, Tim Tebow’s Fire, and jinx the hell out of the Celtics.

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This week’s topics include:

  • The 80 player lawsuit against the NFL
  • Nobody comes out of the closet
  • The golden age of the pitcher
  • Good Job, Good Effort kid
  • The Triple Crown
  • Worst Stanley Cup Finals
  • Top 10 List: Sports Anthems

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Miami Dolphins

McCown deserves vote of confidence

Ever since Dan Marino retired, the Dolphins have been wading in mediocrity at the most important position in the game.  They went from the game manager Jay Fiedler, to Gus Frerotte, and then to has-beens like Dante Culpepper and Trent Green.  Now, in a muddled quarterback controversy, there are two young gunslingers, and one who hasn’t been given a fair shake since he entered the league in Josh McCown.

We already saw what John Beck brings to the table through five games and a measly 559 yards.  True, he was on the worst team in the league last year, and with very little weapons, but he simply did not perform like a guy should that is being called “the quarterback of the future”.

That’s why Bill Parcells signed McCown and drafted Henne, a Michigan product, like all other Michigan quarterback prospects-looks better than he probably is. Henne might have a shot at proving he’s the guy down the stretch, but realistically, it’d be nothing short of a large step back than to keep drafting quarterbacks and then switching them.  Parcells doesn’t want to leave it to the gods for two straight seasons like his competitor, the New York Jets, clearly plan on doing with Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers’ Considerations For Success

The Los Angeles Dodgers made some major changes in their personnel department, thus far during the off-season by acquiring Joe Torre and his crew from New York. However, the Dodgers will not be serious contenders unless they can amplify their offensive threat. I have come up with a compilation of matters that should be considered before the columnists all declare the Dodgers as possible World Series candidates.