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The following are the players in this year’s draft that will have the biggest impact in 2007 NBA season. The top 5 guys will be the most likely for rookie of the year contention, and the remaining 10 will be huge components of the season, showing that this year’s draft will go down as one of the deepest in quite some time.1. Kevin Durant- F- Seattle

As long as Rashard says good-bye to Washington, Durant will be the man from day one. He should easily crack 20 points a game, and will undoubtedly run away with ROY honors.

2. Mike Conley Jr.- PG-Memphis

His scoring and ability to get to the basket will be limited some as his game transitions to an NBA level, but his passing and decision making should be up to par.

3. Greg Oden- F/C- Portland

I don’t see any real reason why he shouldn’t be starting right away, but Portland does have an inordinate amount of depth at the post position as of late, so Oden dominating the boards from day one may not be set in stone. Still, he’s in the top 5 without a doubt.

4. Al Horford- F- Atlanta

Another case of being on a team with a bunch of capable bodies playing the same position. Horford may spend a bit of the early going earning his stripes, but by season’s end he should be showing everyone that he deserves more playing time than Sheldon Williams.

5. Acie Law- G- Atlanta

I really think Atlanta could be the next team emerging into the playoffs, and Law’s play will be a big reason why. I don’t doubt for a second his ability to play the point at the NBA level, and his scoring will definately keep him near the top of this class.

6. Corey Brewer- G/F- Minnesota

It remains to be determined if Garnett will sulk all year, get traded, or grit it out and do his damndest to will the Wolve’s back to the playoffs. What happens with him will surely be the fate of Brewer in his rookie season.

7. Jeff Green- G/F- Seattle

Again, with Rashard Lewis out of the picture, this would greatly improve the chances of immediate playing time and maturity of the two rookie’s games. Green is better suited at forward, but he can definately keep up with shooting guards, as well.

8. Jason Smith – F/C- Philadelphia

The Samuel Dalembert experiment is officially over. While Dalembert is still on the team, Smith is clearly the center of the future. With outstanding slashers in Iguodola and Rodney Carney, and the outside shooting of Kyle Korver, Jason Smith will find it to be quite comfortable in the paint.

9. Julian Wright- G/F- New Orleans

The Hornets are unlikely to bring back aging Desmond Mason, and with the often injured Peja, Wright would see playing time either way. It really all hangs on his development speed, and whether or not he can be just as effective as a guard as he can as a forward.

10. Joakim Noah- F- Chicago

He’s only in the top 10 because Chicago loves defense, not because of his hype. He’s got the size and tenacity to become a fan favorite and a demon inside the blocks. Noah may not be what the Bulls need on offense, but he sure will make an impact as a rookie.

11. Spencer Hawes- F/C- Sacramento

Sure, he’s a project player, but not in the mold of Johan Petro. The guy is seven feet tall and has the post skills of a polished veteran. It won’t take much to grab boards, some blocks, and score at least 10 a game. It also doesn’t hurt that Brad Miller is slowing down and turning up injured more than not.

12. Rudy Fernandez- G/F- Phoenix

No, I’m not forgetting about guys like Brandan Wright. I just don’t think he or some of the other guys taken before Fernandez are going to do much in their first year. Fernandez is simply missing bulk and strength in the lane from his ever so clever game. Still, his shooting and athleticism are coined skills that the Sun’s offense thrives on. He will play early and often.

13. Arron Afflalo- G/F- Detroit

With talks about Richard Hamilton being traded (quiet talks), Afflalo’s shooting and defense could be put on display sooner than expected.

14. Marcus Williams- G/F- San Antonio

He should have never fallen to the second round, but he did, and San Antonio got quite the steal. All Williams needs is good coaching and strong teammates to lead him in the right direction. Congratulations, Marcus, you just landed on the perfect team.

15. Jared Jordan- PG- L.A. Clippers

If he does indeed make the team, there is no reason to think he can’t crack the rotation. All he has to worry about is Shaun Livingston’s knee and Sam Cassell’s attitude.

4 replies on “Rookie Rankings”

Had A Few Errors You had a few errors in this one.

"With oustanding slashers" – outstanding

"goo coaching" – good

Fix those and you’ll probably get my vote.

By the way, stop slurping Jared Jordan. Because if he gets in there and bombs, you will look like a "Jewish teenager on speed riding a bus to puberty…"

jewish boy so true. and believe me, I am done brown nosing him. I gave him a little credit, 100% more than he’ll probably ever be given, and I’ll rest with that.

I’ll make the changes. thanks.

wow Joakim Noah will be nothing more than an average defender in the NBA. Every player at his position will be just as fast and just as tall. His collegiate advantage is gone and he’ll be a bust. No chance of him developing into anything more than a role player. He’s too retarded.

Marcus Williams After Marcus Williams showing in Vegas and Salt Lake his chances of making the Spurs are very slim. Even before summer leagues he wasn’t a lock to make that team because the Spurs are so stacked. Other then him, Noah, Jared Jordan, and Rudy Ferzadez (who might not even be in the league this season, he could stay in Spain)the list is okay. You might have been better to wait until all the summer leagues were over to make your list, but maybe your right on some of these guys, we’ll see.

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