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2008 Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Forget about Ronnie Brown and his fantasy day from heaven. Where the heck did all those plays come from? The Miami Dolphins pulled plays out of a college spread offense, and brought some life to their attack in a complete dismantling of the New England defense. If nothing else was accomplished in week three, Miami, at the very worst, exposed the Patriots as a very beatable team.

What else do we know about the AFC East that we’re either not quite ready for or don’t want to admit to? First, Brett Favre and the Jets are not on the same page, and it’s becoming a real possibility that they never will be. Second, the Buffalo Bills need to be taken into serious consideration as a division title contender. Lastly, not a whole lot separates the Patriots from the other teams in their division. The last two weeks have shown that.

Look at the other side of the league, and you find the NFC East with the most disgusting display of talent and good coaching you might ever find compiled in one division. But that’s where I stop myself and say: “It’s only week three, man”.

While the Redskins’ offense has come to life, it doesn’t have the power to stay above water against the other three strong teams in the division. We could seriously be looking at three playoff teams out of this division. Believe that.

But enough of me wasting your time with thoughts and predictions in paragraph form. Here are your top 32 teams (guess who’s 32), and a very good reason why they’re there, or where you can expect them to be headed. SPOILER: The Miami Dolphins have not jumped 10 spots. Enjoy.

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2007 NFL Conference Championships Picks and Podcast

In many ways, the Conference Championship weekend is much much better than the Super Bowl itself. Usually we get great games. However according to vegas this year, it’s not looking so great. We’ll see if NE can cover those 14 points and if the Packers can cover the 7.

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Man on a Rant: Breakup in the Bronx- A Norv for All Seasons- and Pippen’s Pipe Dream

I never thought I’d find myself writing these words.  I thought they’d go the distance.  I thought they were stronger than this… stronger than Andre and Steffi, stronger then Mia and Nomar.  And yet, this President’s Day weekend, the earth-shattering news broke:  Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are no longer best friends forever.  You read that correctly, folks – A-Rod and Jeter are BFFs no more.  How will we go on?  How will we cope?  Can the Yankees even bring themselves to compete in light of the biggest of big chills?


San Diego Chargers

The Chargers’ terrible move

By Joshua M. Boraz

As a fan, I am a band wagon jumper. I did not root for the Chicago Bears because I grew up in Chicago from 0-8. I don’t root for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox because I lived in New Hampshire and went to UNH from 17-22. I don’t root for the Atlanta Hawks because I reside in Milledgeville, Georgia and Atlanta is the cloest city. If I root for a team, I do it because I like the moves they made in the off-season, regular season and their overall general direction that they take with their franchise.

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The Road to Super Bowl XLI: In-Depth Analysis

By David J. Cohen

The playoffs have a different feel this year than in recent years. In those years there were clearly defined contenders and pretenders for the championship. However, this year the playoffs seem truly wide open. This year the playoffs are centered on three inexperienced quarterbacks: Tony Romo of the Cowboys, Rex Grossman of the Bears, and Philip Rivers of the Chargers. If they can rise to the occasion their teams will make the runs expected of them. If they falter, proven veterans will seize the day.

The NFC is the perfect example of what parity has done to the league. It has made teams competitive which have been awful the year before. With parity, you can go through Hurricane Katrina one year and earn a bye the next. Parity has also made mediocrity a premium. The 8-8 Giants are in the playoffs, and teams like Green Bay were still in it going into the last week of the regular season. The playoff picture in the NFC is murky, with no clear cut choice. With that said, here is how it should play out.

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10 NFL Questions: Week 11

Nine games into the season, we are finally being shown some team’s true identities. The Falcons, Bengals, Rams, Vikings, and Jags have all declined from the teams they were a month ago. Even New England is down, after back-to-back losses for the first time in years. While the NFL’s middle ground remains muddled, two things are clear: some teams are elite while many have already secured a top 10 pick in next year’s draft. This week, with the exception of a few games, it’s the haves playing to have-nots.