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8/12 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Seahawks get some satisfaction

Burton fills in for Ryan this week as we discuss the Bill Leavy admitting his mistakes, Charles Barkley calling out LeBron, and when K-Rod attacks.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Bill Leavy apologizes for Super Bowl XL
  • Brandon Phillips calls all the St Louis Cardinals “little bitches”
  • K-Rod beats up his girlfriend’s father
  • LeBron hires a rabbi who only speaks Hebrew
  • Charles Barkley calls everything LeBron did this summer a punk move
  • Misc: MSG Chairman James Dolan is an idiot, the Pat Tillman movie, and the jet blue guy

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The Road to Super Bowl XLI: In-Depth Analysis

By David J. Cohen

The playoffs have a different feel this year than in recent years. In those years there were clearly defined contenders and pretenders for the championship. However, this year the playoffs seem truly wide open. This year the playoffs are centered on three inexperienced quarterbacks: Tony Romo of the Cowboys, Rex Grossman of the Bears, and Philip Rivers of the Chargers. If they can rise to the occasion their teams will make the runs expected of them. If they falter, proven veterans will seize the day.

The NFC is the perfect example of what parity has done to the league. It has made teams competitive which have been awful the year before. With parity, you can go through Hurricane Katrina one year and earn a bye the next. Parity has also made mediocrity a premium. The 8-8 Giants are in the playoffs, and teams like Green Bay were still in it going into the last week of the regular season. The playoff picture in the NFC is murky, with no clear cut choice. With that said, here is how it should play out.