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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

What the hell is going on?

I mean, seriously. People actually expected the Dolphins to beat the Patriots? They actually thought the worst possible rendition of that 72′ team could end the possibility of this current Patriot team from going undefeated? You must be joking.

And what is with the Green Bay Packers? More importantly-Brett Favre. Have you ever seen him play that crappy in bad weather? And what about Jon Ryan? Talk about the punter’s day from hell.

And as if we hadn’t seen everything. We get a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, two teams who haven’t won in forever, and both are punting the ball back and forth, waiting for the other team to win the game. Congratulations, Matt Millen, you are one game closer to being average. And as for you, Jon Kitna, lay off predictions for a while.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how much more of this up and down season I can take. Teams like the Packers and Cowboys aren’t living up to expectations, Steve Smith is suddenly good again, Shaun Hill is the apparent future in San Fransisco, and the San Diego Chargers, at least for the now, are being considered a solid football team.

and the power rankings for the coming week 17…

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Week 16 2007 NFL Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers are once again a dominant team. Prior to their Dallas game a few weeks back, then had won three straight games handily, and after leaving Dallas, have now won two straight in impressive fashion, as well. They continue to win on the road, put up points, and aside from maybe this past game, reinvent their offense by integrating a new running game.

Now, all of a sudden, after the Cowboys fell to Philly, the Packers are two wins and a Dallas loss from home field advantage throughout the playoffs. How do you think the rest of the NFC is feeling right now? There’s a pretty good chance the road to the Super Bowl will be going through Lambeau.

And that’s why Green Bay jumps up a slot past Dallas this week. As for the rest of the teams, here are the power rankings for the upcoming week 16 in the NFL…

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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

Boy, was this a strange, and quite honestly, depressing week of professional football.

For starters, we saw virtually nothing out of stars like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. Yet, all three of their teams won without any significant contribution from them.

That is both strange and depressing. But, I guess for those three respective teams, also uplifting.

We also saw three NFC teams clinch their division and a playoff spot (Cowboys, Packers, and Seahawks) while we saw the Cardinals, Lions, Bears, and Eagles all do serious damage to their bids of making a run at the post season.

The question is, was there any good that came out of this week? Why, of course.

The New England Patriots, classlessness and all, stayed unbeaten, while the ever so classy Miami Dolphins found so many new ways to not win a game.

And with those few tidbits out of the way, here are your NFL power rankings for the coming week 15…

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Week 14 2007 NFL Power Rankings

This was just one of those weeks where you know something was off. Something just wasn’t quite right. Naturally, it began with Thursday Night’s game with Green Bay at Dallas. Brett Favre ran away from the offensive game plan, ignoring the style of play that had gotten his Packers off to a 10-1 start, instead throwing two picks and completing only 5 of 14 passes before leaving the game for good in the second quarter.

I mean, really? Brett Favre. Hurt? And then comes in the odd man out, the guy no one has expected anything from, basically since he was drafted. Aaron Rodgers plays exceptional football and almost wins the game.