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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

Boy, was this a strange, and quite honestly, depressing week of professional football.

For starters, we saw virtually nothing out of stars like Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Adrian Peterson. Yet, all three of their teams won without any significant contribution from them.

That is both strange and depressing. But, I guess for those three respective teams, also uplifting.

We also saw three NFC teams clinch their division and a playoff spot (Cowboys, Packers, and Seahawks) while we saw the Cardinals, Lions, Bears, and Eagles all do serious damage to their bids of making a run at the post season.

The question is, was there any good that came out of this week? Why, of course.

The New England Patriots, classlessness and all, stayed unbeaten, while the ever so classy Miami Dolphins found so many new ways to not win a game.

And with those few tidbits out of the way, here are your NFL power rankings for the coming week 15…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 13-0 Boy, was Anthony Smith way off on that guarantee. And what’s with everyone saying this team is classless?
2 (2) 11-2 Before half-time Manning was 13-17 for 3 touchdowns, while Kyle Boller was 13-17 with 3 picks. And that’s why the Colts won THAT game.
3 (3) 12-1 Why are Tony Kornheiser and Michael Whilbon still debating who is the best team in the NFC? I mean, they got a scare from Detroit, but come on.
4 (4) 11-2 Now that’s the Favre we’re used to seeing. And now accompanied by the league’s leading rusher since week 8 in Ryan Grant, this team can start looking toward that second bye.
5 (7) 9-4 It’s too bad they couldn’t get past Indy last week. Because by the looks of a surprisingly effective Fred Taylor, this rush attack could have propelled them to the division title.
6 (8) 9-4 Mike Holmgren made a touch decision when he turned his rushing offense off and handed the keys to Matt Hasselbeck. He’s looking like an absolute genius.
7 (5) 9-4 Anthony Smith really made an ass of himself by making that guarantee. And that’s not the worst of it. He’s mostly to blame for the loss.
8 (9) 8-5 Anybody still questioning whether or not Jamal Lewis was a good free agent acquisition?
9 (10) 8-5 LT’s game winning run in OT was cool, yes, but the real story here is the gritty play of Philip Rivers.
10 (11) 9-4 Their offense continues to show up for less than half of the game, and yet they’re leading the wild card race. This is the NFC.
11 (6) 8-5 You can’t blame Luke McCown for being ineffectice. He’s only a stop-gap. This team needs Jeff Garcia back ASAP.
12 (13) 7-6 Adrian Peterson run for three yards and they win by 20? You gotta like their chances.
13 (12) 7-6 Another sub-par Vince Young performance results in another loss. Remember earlier in the season when we were talking division crown for this team? They’ll be lucky to sneak into the playoffs.
14 (18) 6-7 I get it, I get it. The Saints can throw the ball. But that was the Falcons. Without Reggie Bush, this team doesn’t stand a chance.
15 (19) 6-7 I keep hearing how much Jay Cutler is like a young Brett Favre, and I think we all finally saw why. But just as Jay said, it’s quite possibly too little too late.
16 (15) 6-7 Seriously, Kurt. Five interceptions in a game that means everything?
17 (21) 7-6 Trent Edwards threw 4 touchdowns off of just 11 completions. Now that’s a feat. Suddenly, this team had a huge game with playoff implications against Cleveland next week.
18 (20) 6-7 Sage Rosenfals said he felt all along that he could be a starter in this league. I’m starting to agree with him. Hey Matt Schaub, how do you feel about job security?
19 (17) 5-8 I’m not sad for Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb. I’m sad for Brian Westbrook. Three weeks in a row he’s carried his team, and for what?
20 (22) 6-7 Is it just me, or was that the best the Redskins offense has played all season? You know, the part of the game where Todd Collins was the quarterback.
21 (14) 6-7 Paris Lenon has got to be kicking himself right now.
22 (16) 5-8 All the amazing Bernard Berrian catches in the world couldn’t save this team. Are we for real going back to Kyle Orton?
23 (23) 5-8 This was ugly. Brock Berlin versus Carson Palmer for most ineffective quarterback in this game, and Berlin won simply because he’s never played before. Extended thank you’s to Marvin Lewis to getting back to Rudi Johnson and running the damn ball.
24 (24) 4-9 Is there anything exciting left about this team? I’d say Dwayne Bowe, but he doesn’t have anyone to throw to him.
25 (26) 3-10 After seeing what little Brock Berlin could really do, how bad did St. Louis fans want Gus Frerotte back?
26 (25) 5-8 Hey Steve Smith, when do the trade demands start?
27 (28) 4-9 Did anyone else hear Warren Sapp complaining about how everyone is against his team? I wonder if he included his own team on that list.
28 (27) 4-9 So, does Troy Smith start next week?
29 (29) 3-10 I think Shaun Hill just delivered the best quarterbacking the 49ers have seen all season. But that’s not saying much.
30 (30) 3-10 I’ll continue to watch this team, but only if Chris Redman keeps playing. It’s a feel good story. Well, it’s a story
31 (31) 3-10 Was Chad Pennington really less effective than Kellen Clemens?
32 (32) 0-13 Didn’t John Beck’s fumble right into the defender’s hands just sum up the season?

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