New York Yankees

The Frustration of 2008

You may hate to say it, but if you’re a Yankees’ fan you may just have to swallow some pride and admit it. Yesterday’s 11-4 loss to the Angels may have been the “nail in the coffin” for 2008. Out in Anaheim for a three-game set, a place the Yankees never seem to be able to win at, Ian Kennedy started the series off Friday night pitching much as he had the entire season in the majors: in losing fashion. A day game Saturday and Yankees manager Joe Girardi called on home-town kid Dan Giese, looking desperately for a win from a starter in a rotation that looks like it has been put together entirely from chance. Ironically, Giese pitched the game of his life in front of many of his family members, surrendering a lone solo shot to Mark Teixeira in the 6th inning before leaving having only given up three total hits to baseball’s best team. He was then forced to watch and hope the Yankees bullpen could hang on for three more innings. Oh, how quickly things change…

College Basketball

Salukis look to ride their defense deep into this year’s NCAA tournament

Over the past few years, the Southern Illinois Salukis have become a reoccurring member of March Madness. Not only do the Salukis take their gritty defensive game into the tournament year after year, but they usually hang around in March, and they drive opponents crazy.

College Football

We Are Penn State! We Are… BACK!

It all began at Indiana.

Three seasons ago, in the midst of a 4-7 campaign – the second of two straight losing seasons – a gritty Penn State defense stepped onto the field holding loosely to a 22-18 lead during the closing minutes of the fourth quarter.

A lesser known Paul Posluszny set back in his linebacker position and the underappreciated, almost unnoticed defense gave everything they could against a Hoosiers program looking for its first defeat of a Penn State team.

First and goal from the Penn State one yard line: stuffed for a loss. Repeat times two. Now, on a fourth and goal all the Hoosiers had to do was cross the goal line and they would be assured of a victory over the lowly Nittany Lions.

It never happened.

High School Sports


Six words, derived from one letter, drives Steve Just to success. He never lets a bad day get in the way of what he, and more importantly, his team, wants to accomplish.

General Sports

The Darker Days of 1961

As told by Bob Cerv, Outfielder; 1961 New York Yankees.

Random Thoughts

Crazy sports fans are a ‘Must See’ at sporting events

Look around you at sporting event and you might be surprised at what you see. Yes, there is that hot guy in the stands and he has his shirt off, but what the hell is all over his chest? And more importantly, why did he just spill beer all over you and not even offer to help clean you up?

College Football

Happy Birthday JoePa!

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While the rest of college football decays around him, Joe Paterno remains a class act.

MLB General

Fifty years later- Don Larsen’s 1956 World Series gem is still baseball’s first and only in October

“I’ll guarantee that nobody, but nobody, has left this ballpark… and if anyone did manage to leave early, man, he’s missin’ … the greatest! … Two strikes and a ball… Mitchell, waiting, stands deep, feet close together… Larsen is ready, gets the sign… Two strikes, ball one, here comes the pitch… Strike three! A no-hitter, a perfect game for Don Larsen! Yogi Berra runs out there, he leaps on Larsen and he’s swarmed by his teammates… Listen to this crowd roar!”

– Bob Wolff, radio broadcaster

Florida Marlins

Just keep scratching your head about those Marlins

The Florida Marlins, over the past year, have experienced more turnovers than a fast food restaurant. 20 games under .500 early in the season, the Marlins are poised to defeat all odds and return to the playoffs for only the third time in team history.

College Football

Hell Freezes Over

Look, I know this weekend’s “Game of the Week” is the Ohio State vs. Texas matchup, and for good reasons. But, obviously, there is a sleeper game in Week Two of the 2006-07 College Football season. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will host the Nittany Lions of Penn State, while at the same time marking the renewal of an ancient rivalry that is ready to kick off like a bat out of hell. It’s not so much of the game I’d like to inform you about in this column. Instead, I would like to pick my ways with the “experts” of America, mainly targeting the entire ESPN College Football GameDay crew, while also including Mark May (who now has his own segment on the Sunday SportsCenters, entitled “May Day”??). Please enjoy the following presentation and feel free to leave your own comments and rants for Week Two of The Great Notre Dame Football Show, I mean… excuse me, College Football.