Was Antonio Pettigrew’s Admission Surprising? I Sure Hope Not

 It seems another of our All-Star American Athletes has openly admitted to unfair play while in competition. Antonio Pettigrew, a member of the America’s 2000 1,600 Meter Relay Team, admitted that he was doping during the time the team was competing.

 As you read this, keep in mind that this is the sixth overall medal, and the fourth gold, that has been stripped from the U.S. Track Team in the past eight months. Four months ago the International Olympic Committee stripped gold from the U.S. Women’s 1,600-meter relay team and bronze from the women’s 400-meter relay squad because of doping by Marion Jones.

 But, in light of these new developments, are any of us really that surprised? I sure hope not.

General Sports

When Shaq Attacks!

“Kobe, tell me how my a** tastes?” This is something you think you’d hear from a Boston fan during game 6 of the NBA Finals. Alas, it was our old, over-sized, over-hyped, under-skilled friend Shaquille O’Neal.

Green Bay Packers

Favre’s Comeback Good For Green Bay In Long Run? I Don’t Believe So.

     “He has the itch…,” mentioned Al Harris, a guest host on ESPN’s NFL Live this Wednesday, when asked about Brett Favre’s potential comeback. He went on to say about Aaron Rodgers, “We embrace Aaron. We support Aaron. Aaron is our quarterback. Brett is retired, but if he wants to come back, there will be some guys that wouldn’t mind it.” Chris Mortensen of ESPN also reported that Favre had made Head Coach McCarthy aware of his “itch” to play. “Mort” also reported that a source in Green Bay made him aware that Favre’s family is pushing him to return. Personally, I don’t think he’s going to return, but I’d be lying if I told you it wouldn’t make me happy to see him back. I just don’t believe it benefits Green Bay in the long run.

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Is Jackson’s Coaching Legacy Tainted?

The Basketball Universe has been inclined to see Phil Jackson’s NBA coaching career as one of, if not the, greatest in NBA History. Fortunately, it just isn’t so. Although it may seem like he has an impeccable coaching philosophy that continuously leads his teams to the game’s grandest stage, the shroud of luck falls on to his legacy, and I am proud to say that I will be the one to make sense of it all!