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Not by The Numbers, Episode 1 – Tim Tebow on Broadway

Not By the Numbers
Episode 1 – Tim Tebow on Broadway

Mark Sanchez is facing the most important 3-4 week stretch of his life. These are the things that make sport the ultimate reality TV. If it’s week 4 of the season and the Jets are sitting 1-3 or 0-4, Tim Tebow will be the starter of the New York Jets. One thing Denver fans learned first and slowly most of the rest of the NFL world (except a handful of self-proclaimed experts or insiders) is that it’s better to watch Tim Tebow lose more than anyone else on the planet and especially ones the caliber of Mark Sanchez.

What happened in Denver is they found that Tim Tebow can actually win games and do it while defying critics. How great is it for us as fans get to see a guy who has worked harder at his craft then anyone has at any endeavor since DaVinci, and do it in the face of people telling you that you’re not a quarterback. We get to see it unfold and you can almost feel the next wave of “TEBOW” by the New York Jet faithful. It’s unavoidable.

The Jets are the winners here either way. Mark Sanchez plays lights out and they make a nice playoff run, or what’s most likely to happen at this point, is Tebow takes over a mediocre offense and actually makes it better. Even if Tebow fails, the Jets win, the NFL is a sport where a top 3 pick in the draft is a winning season.

As football fans, it’s still better to watch Tebow lose than anyone else be mediocre, and that’s the crux of the Tebow sensation. The Broncos parlayed Tim Tebow into Peyton Manning and the Jets will either win with NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow or they will do the same and parlay Tebow into a better quarterback. It’s also been learned that fans will fall in love with Tim Tebow if he wins so you’d better replace him with a 4 time MVP, first ticket hall of famer like Manning or they’ll revolt and turn against their leadership and lots of people will be looking for front office work elsewhere.

In the case that Tim Tebow loses prolifically, then how would Matt Barkley look in a Jets uniform for the next 12 years? Essentially you’d upgrade USC quarterbacks until you got it right. This is a brilliant move and ensures that no matter how the games play out, the Jets will have a successful season, every now and then some sports franchises get it right on the business end of things.

Why any team without a top flight leader and winner at the quarterback position didn’t grab Tebow while they could is the real mystery in this sports-u-drama? There should be at least 15 owners that are telling someone to go get this guy before it’s too expensive. Not only is Tim Tebow a winner in every sense of the word but he is a winner for your franchise no matter what he does. While we all eagerly anticipate the start of the NFL season, a lot of people are eagerly awaiting the next wave of Tim Tebow, and this time it’s on Broadway.

Not By the Numbers is a daily column written by Sean Kelly about the topics we have an emotional connection with in sport.

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