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March 27- 2007 NHL Power Rankings

The Devils are the big losers this week, dropping down four spots to almost out of the top ten, while the surging Pens are about to overpass them. Meanwhile, the Sabres and Preds exchange the top spot once again. There’s two weeks left in the season. How did you team end up?

Rank (Pv)
1 (2) 48-20-7
Lindy Ruff puts his team through a 90-min full contact practice, beacuse he thought they were letting up. That should sned chills down your spine if your not a Sabres fan.
2 (1) 48-21-7 Injuries are still their biggest problem. The Wings should be secondary.
3 (3) 46-19-11 All three of the top teams have 103 points at the time I do this. None of them have been as hot as the Wings. The only question is, can the keep it up for two more months. If they do, Lord Stanley will make another visit to Michigan.
4 (5) 45-23-7 Dead tie with the Wild for the division lead. The rest of the Canucks have to take some of the pressure off Luongo.
5 (6) 46-26-4 Joe Thornton breaks the 100 point mark again.
6 (7) 45-24-6 Mike Modano’s new target: Phil Housley. Housley has 1232 points in his career.
7 (4) 44-20-12
Is the Quack Attack starting to lose steam this close to the playoffs?
8 (9) 45-23-8 Fun Stat of the week: Ottawa has a +60 goal differental. The best in the NHL.
9 (10) 45-24-7 Josh Harding has this team tied for first with two weeks to go.
10 (6) 44-23-8 Could the Devils go 0-2 when it comes to the division title and the MVP? It looks like it.
11 (11) 43-20-10 Sidney Crosby has cracked the 110 point mark. Just imagine how this kid is going to be next year, when there’s no distraction with the team staying put.
12 (14) 40-25-10 Flames still can’t get any breathing room from the Avs.
13 (13) 41-31-4
You would think they’re in danger of losing a playoff spot, then you realize who’s behind them in the East.
14 (12) 39-27-10 Atlanta just doesn’t want to win their division the easy way.
15 (16) 39-28-9 Rangers now sixth in the playoff race in the East. They won’t move up, but they won’t move down either.
16 (17) 39-29-8
Currently in a three way tie with the Islanders and Leafs for eighth and final spot is not the way the ‘Canes thought this season would end up.
17 (15) 29-29-7
Their only loss the last ten games? Edmonton. In overtime.
18 (19) 39-31-6
Cristobal Huet could be ready by the end of the week.
19 (18) 36-27-12 DiPetro may be done for the year. So are the Islanders
20 (20) 36-29-10 Hard as they may try, the Leafs are done.
21 (21) 34-35-6 Just going through the motions until the end of the season.
22 (23) 31-30-14 The Panthers couldn’t get arrested right now. Spring Training is in full swing in Flordia.
23 (22) 31-32-12 This is a young team, but they show tons of heart.
24 (24) 31-37-7 Fredrik Modin scored his 400th career goal.
25 (26) 29-41-5 Dale Hawerchuk will be honored by the Coyotes/Jets ring of honor. The only honorable thing in the desert this year.
26 (25) 27-39-9 The Hawks just couldn’t get it done this year.
27 (27) 26-37-13 They’ll have another top-five pick. In five years, they’ll win the cup.
28 (28) 20-44-11
At least they’re trying?
29 (29) 26-36-14 They’re trying harder than the Oilers.
30 (30) 31-38-7 Yay, they won a game. Big deal. They still have no heart.

By matt Jordan

Matt is an in-studio producer for three radio stations in a six station cluster. He has produced and co-hosted three sports talk shows, with one of them becoming number one in the market. He also is a play by play announcer for the Florence Redwolves, who play in the Coastal Plain League, the nation's hottest College Summer League. He is in his fourth season. He also was the PA Announcer for the Florence Phantoms indoor football team.

In his spare time Matt enjoys reading, writing, playing RTS video games, debating on religion, and good music. He is currently writing a play, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. Matt also writes for Medusa's Kiss magazine.

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