New England Patriots

The Class of the NFL

This just in people: The New England Patriots did not lose to the Steelers, as the jaw-jacking back-up safety Anthony Smith so cleverly predicted. Oh, I’m sorry, guaranteed.

Not only did they once again step in the face of adversity and come out the winners, but they did so with the kind of confidence we have never seen. And what’s so wrong with that? When Tom Brady stepped toward Anthony Smith after his touchdown throw late in the game, he was met with onslaughts of insults from the Steelers defenders, as well as later criticism from reporters and people all around the league, calling him classless.

Green Bay Packers

The Holsterless Gunslinger

The NFL amazes me. Once again, they have found a way to not only enrage a superstar, but they may have found a way to phase him out, as well. Brett Favre, merely an average season away from three major records, recently expressed his displeasure for Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers organization when they failed to bring in Randy Moss.