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Straight From The Cellar – 2006 NFL Predictions

The annual jaunt to professional football immortality, better known as the Super Bowl, begins in earnest in less than one week. Of the 32 teams in pursuit, two will be forever remembered; one as the glorious victor, the other as their inglorious victim. Who will they be this year? Will it be like last year, where two perennial playoff teams (Steelers, Seahawks) that had come up short finally achieve the immortality? Will it be reminiscent of the 1999 season when two teams came out of nowhere (Titans, Rams) to deliver not only their own immortality, but an immortal game, as well? No one really knows. And, it’s good that prediction columns are not immortal (see last year’s column).

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2006 National College Football Preview

No real intro, I just want to say that I am a Virginia Tech fan, so nobody jump on me for making a homer pick, because I picked a team to win the National Title that lots of columnists here are fans of.

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MLB Predictions: Part II

The second half of the Major League Baseball Season is underway, and it’s safe to say the first half had its share of surprises. What are the Detroit Tigers doing on top of the A.L. Central? What are the Cleveland Indians doing in fourth place? What are the Atlanta Braves, winners of 14 straight N.L. East titles doing…well…not in first?!

Down the stretch, don’t expect any less excitement. In fact, with every team in both of the West divisions still in the hunt, the Yankees and Red Sox fighting it out again, and trade deadline deals still to be made, you can expect even more excitement than the first half held.

This is how the divisions will play out: