Boston Bruins

Little Pink Bruins Hats for You and Me

By Ryan McGowan

It’s almost May, and the Bruins are still alive in the playoffs, so you know what that means—I’m a hockey fan again.


Boston Basketball in Literature Part I: Review of Michael Connelly’s “Rebound”

By Ryan McGowan

Neil Swidey and Michael Connelly have a lot in common, it seems.  Both grew up in Boston or the surrounding area, write for local media outlets (Swidey for the Boston Globe and Connelly for the Boston Herald, and both have recently written books about sports, culture, and racial issues involving the city and its basketball tradition.  One thing they don’t have in common: Swidey’s book The Assist: Hoops, Hope, and the Game of their Lives is a must-read, while Connelly’s Rebound! Basketball, Busing, Larry Bird, and the Rebirth of Boston pretty much sucks.

New England Patriots

A Tale of Two Cities: Schilling’s shocking discovery of New York-Boston animosity

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” -Plato

Curt Schilling reminds me of the generic and requisite Real World stock character: the cantankerous jackass who falsely assumes his “candor” is anything more than pathetic and offensive white noise. The guy whose audition tape sounds something like, “I dont give a $%^& what people think. I just keep it real and say what no one else will say. I’m not afraid to go there.” And while he’s initially embraced by the other housemates, he ultimately alienates himself from the group, leaving him with nothing left to do but self-indulgent confessionals.

Boston Celtics

A Black Christmas for the Green?

by: Kyle Benson

Just when the Boston Celtics were starting to get hot, Paul Pierce got injured, for 3 weeks. The question in the minds of Boston fans is: What Now? Well the Celtics can not trade for Allen Iverson, who recently got traded to the Denver Nuggets, and there are no more than one or two star calibur players, including Pierce, on the Celtics. So what is going to happen over the next 3 long weeks? I’ve got the answers.