Green Bay Packers

Magic Man

I’m sorry cheese heads, but the dream has died. For the second time in four seasons, the Packer Nation was teased with the idea of a “magical” season that seemingly could have no end. But that’s the trouble in having Brett Favre as your quarterback. While you’re never out of a game, you’re just as sure to have your heart ripped out in the final seconds by a coined Favre interception.

But let’s not hang our heads. The 2007 Green Bay Packers accomplished many things, let alone reached the conference championship game. Along the way to a 13-3 record, the Title Town natives escaped tough road game at Denver and Kansas City, beat one of the two teams in the AFC Championship, and won one of two against this year’s NFC representative in the Super Bowl. Granted, they couldn’t finish things up in the most crucial match-up of the season, but can you really blame them?

Well, actually, yes you can.