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2013 Super Bowl XLVII Picks and Podcast

Any bunch of idiots can discuss and pick the Super Bowl. But because we are a special bunch of idiots, we go one step beyond on the idiocy scale and pick the prop bets such as the number of gay Niners vs Kaepernick INTs.

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Super Bowl XLVII Picks

MATCHUP Vegas Vinny BostonMac RJ Burton Mike C
Ravens vs Niners Ravens Niners Ravens Ravens Niners
Ravens vs Niners (-3.5) Ravens Niners Ravens Ravens Niners
National Anthem (2:15) Under Over Over Under Under
Ray Lewis “God/Lord” in post game interview (3) Over Under Over Under Over
MVP Flacco Kaepernick Torrey Smith Pitta Kaepernick
Beyonce’s Hair Curly Straight Curly Straight Curly
TV Viewers (111 Million) Under Under Over Over Under
Gatorade Color Yellow Red Orange Clear Orange
MVP first thanks God Teammates Family No One God
Coin Flip Tails Heads Heads Tails Tails
1st Half Rice TD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gays in 49ers locker room / Kap INTs* INTs INTs INTs INTs INTs
L. James Rush Yds (27.5) Over Over Over Over Over
Longest Flacco Pass (40.5) Under Under Over Over Over
Harbaugh Post game handshake (7.5 secs) Under Under Over Over Over
Jack Harbaugh TV (2.5 appearances) Under Under Over Over Over
First on TV Both (Split Screen) Jim Both (Split Screen) John Both (Split Screen)
Who Obama Picks Ravens Niners Niners Ravens Ravens

*This is an easy prop. According to Chris Culliver, “No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do.”

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