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3/17 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Cricket

It’s the greatest day of the year so we did a combined Poor Man’s PTI and Obscure Sports Weekly show to give our picks for the tourney. (Well, mostly Vin and Ryan just hijacked Burton’s Wednesday time slot.)

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This week’s topics include:

  • NCAA Tournament
  • The Tourney
  • College basketball
  • Brackets
  • Hoops
  • Ryan’s Top Ten List of People he wants to punch in the tourney
  • Some other stuff

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Ryan’s Top Ten List of People he wants to punch in the tourney

10.  Jimmer Fredette
9.     Steve Lavin’s hairstylist
8.     Whoever decided Texas would play Oakland in the first round – AL West
7.     Markieff and Marcus Morris’s mother
6.     Anyone who takes shots at Jim Calhoun
5.     The Stanford Cardinal mascot -à President Obama
4.     Venoy Overton of University of Washington
3.     Nolan Smith, Mason Plumlee, Coach K and Wojo
2.     NCAA President Mark Emmert
1.     Any white players who wear knee-high white socks

Pop Culture References harmed in the making of this show:

  • TBD

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