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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 12

Oh, how the might have fallen. With the undefeated Titans joining the Giants as the only teams with one loss, they fall to second this week, as the Giants prove once again that they just might be the team to beat.

However, if the Jets can do this much damage to the previously assumed “best” team in the league, what does that mean for them? And more importantly, what does this mean for the rest of the league?

As much as I hate to say it, my guess is it means nothing. Not right now, anyways.

Sure, Brett Favre is playing good football, the Jets are solid on both side of the ball, and the Giants and Titans both can clearly be had. But that doesn’t mean the Browns are headed for a turn around, or that the Packers are going to the post-season, simply because they took Tennessee to over time.

In fact, their embarrassing loss to the Saints this Monday night showed us they’re not quite ready for playoffs without Favre, and they’re likely headed to a finish no better than 9-7.

So, then, what do we know? Again, I firmly stand on the guessing game plateau, shouting to the top of lungs; Nothing!

Until the Jets have more than a one game lead in their division, or anyone other than the Giants truly scares me in the NFC, we’re still looking at a Tennessee vs. New York title game. Well, probably.

That doesn’t mean a little Favre magic can’t mix things up in the playoffs though, does it?

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (2) 10-1 That was Eli Manning’s first game over 200 yards passing since week 5. With that said, it’s even more impressive that this team is where it is.
2 (1) 10-1 Their running game, once their identity, has been failing them. Kerry Collins has been playing well, but they weren’t going undefeated solely on his arm.
3 (3) 8-3 Everything about this team is ugly or sloppy, but they still win games. How are they going to handle the Ravens breathing down their neck the rest of the season?
4 (7) 8-3 They still have to stay ahead of New England, but could this team be in a better situation, right now?
5 (6) 8-3 Something tells me this team is a lot better than we’re giving them credit for. Warrick Dunn is a 33-year old running back living the dream.
6 (4) 8-3 It’s a guessing game as to which defense will show up for Carolina each week. Hey, Carolina’s D’, Harvey Dent wants his identity back.
7 (8) 7-4 Two consecutive 400-yard efforts from Matt Cassel tell me he’s arrived. With Randy Moss breaking out for three scores, is any other offense’s potential scarier?
8 (9) 7-4 They narrowly escaped a hungry Chargers’ squad, but something tells me the Colts might not lose again.
9 (5) 7-4 The passing game can beat up on anybody; we get that. But that running game just isn’t getting it done.
10 (10) 7-4 Do you think Terrell Owens is happy now?
11 (11) 7-4 They barely beat a poor Seattle team, so that raises a few eyebrows, but at least they won.
12 (13) 7-4 I’ve been saying it all year. As Michael Turner goes, the Falcons go.
13 (16) 7-4 Ed Reed, you have outdone yourself.
14 (12) 6-5 Chad Pennington played one of the better games of his career, and it wasn’t enough. The Dolphins are back to being competitive, that’s for sure, but division winners, they are not.
15 (18) 6-5 They got it done against St.Louis, but that was to be expected. At least we know this team has got it’s focus back.
16 (14) 5-5-1 What a beat down. Reverting back to McNabb was the right choice, but I’m not sure it will make a difference.
17 (19) 6-5 Scoring 51 points is impressive, and so is Drew Bree’s run for the yardage record, but this team isn’t going anywhere.
18 (15) 6-5 Peyton Hillis was the lone bright spot in a brutal loss to Oakland. Mike Shanahan, I think you’ve found your running back.
19 (17) 5-6 Boy, did Aaron Rodgers blow it, or what?
20 (20) 6-5 Can Adrian Peterson carry this team to the top of this division? Something tells me we won’t know until the last game of the season.
21 (23) 6-5 There’s the Trent Edwards we’ve been missing!
22 (26) 4-7 O, where art thou, Owen Daniels?
23 (21) 4-7 Things are looking bleak for them, but if Denver loses to the Jets next week, the division door could still be wide open.
24 (22) 4-7 Romeo Crennel benched Brady Quinn in favor of Derek Anderson for a spark? Yeah, that makes sense.
25 (24) 4-7 It all starts with the offensive line, and this team barely has one.
26 (25) 3-8 Shaun Hill has been impressive, and he’ll be something to build on for next season.
27 (27) 2-9 I hate to say it, but I don’t think we’ve seen the Rams’ worst football yet.
28 (28) 3-8 Now that’s what we call an upset!
29 (29) 2-9 How close is Mike Holmgren to feeling like Fred Savage when “The Wonder Years” was cancelled?
30 (30) 1-10 I’m sick of hearing draft experts saying, “At least they’ll get their quarterback of the future”. People, they’ve got him!
31 (31) 1-9-1 If they get Carson Palmer back, what’s the over/under that he gets hurt after one snap?
32 (32) 0-11 Has anyone ever been this eager to get Dan Orlovsky back in the starting line-up?

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like they said during the game the giants are so balanced. so even if it is kinda shocking that eli hasn’t thrown for 200+ in 4-5 weeks, it just goes to show the giants arent pass or run heavy. they run for 200 yrds vs the so-called best run defense in the nfl the week prior then go the the air much more exclusively when they needed to vs arizona due to the injury to jacobs. the biggest thing to me was they still got the ball moving on the ground when they needed to, which attributes to the balance. the o-line is unbelievable. i saw a thing on sportscenter a week ago or so and the guy was breaking down film saying how giants rb’s are already guaranteed 3 yrds before they even get the ball handed to them. the line has been blocking that efficiently. it’s great to see them on top of the power rankings.

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