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2008 NFL Power Rankings: Season Preview

With the recent mumblings of Favre considering coming out of retirement, things are getting shaken up in Green Bay, and quite honestly, all around football.

If you’re a fantasy drafter holding an early draft, now you’re not sure whether to steal Rodgers or some of his teammates, and you’re also speculating on whether or not to nab Favre, as well.

Each year we have to look at each player and each team under a microscope. Which player is past his prime, just entering it, and who is going to carry his team to the next level.

If Brett Favre does in fact come back, then it will change the current look of the NFl completely. Well, at least it will change the fortunes of the Green Bay Packers.

Regardless, whatever he decides to do will no doubt have a domino affect in the NFC North, kicking the Vikings or Bears out of playoff contention, or if he stays retired, maybe ensuring them a wild card.

One thing is for sure, Favre and his rumor mill antics will keep us all (unless you’re a Lions fan) on the edge of our seats, awaiting his final verdict. And you thought we had it all figured out back in March…

The pre-season Power Rankings:

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 16-0 Does anyone really believe this team won’t come back ten times as hungry? Don’t talk to me about their secondary or their aging linebackers. Tom Brady won’t stand for anything less than the Lombardi Trophy.
2 (2) 13-3 It’s extremely difficult to repeat, and even more so when you get hit by injuries. Expect a Colts vs. Patriots Championship. I believe a guy by the name of Peyton Manning would firmly agree.
3 (4) 13-3 The naysayers need to calm down. Even if it’s just by luck this team will finally win a playoff game and get off the schneid. Tony Romo is the real deal, and off-season acquisitions such as the man formerly known as Pac-man might pay huge dividends.
4 (5) 11-5 Yeah, they actually are that good, folks. They’ve become a trendy pick, along with Jacksonville, to win it all, but everyone is forgetting something. Philip Rivers is light years away from Tom Brady or Peyton Manning status.
5(6) 11-5 If teams won championships for collecting as many overpaid, underachieving receivers as they possibly could, then yes, Jacksonville might be a safe Super Bowl bet. But who out there honestly feels Garrard can be a title winner?
6 (3) 13-3 Without Favre, they’re still a playoff team, and just slightly better than Seattle. But with him they shoot right back up to the three spot. Aaron Rodgers, good luck.
7 (9) 10-6 Big Ben is a winner, and I like what I saw out of coach Mike Tomlin in his first season. The Steelers will air it out just as successfully as last year, and with added running back depth, won’t curl up into a ball if Willie Parker breaks his leg again.
8 (7) 10-6 If Holmgren came back with the expectation of a Super Bowl run, he’s kidding himself. Unloading Shaun Alexander and nabbing Julius Jones were two very smart moves. For this team to take the next step, matt Hasselbeck needs to go from a solid starter to among the elite.
9 (10) 10-6 With all of Jurevicious’s knee problems, signing Donte Stallworth looks as good as the Patriots re-signing Randy Moss. Well, not really, but it gives Derek Anderson another solid target. Believe it or not, the Brownies are poised for the playoffs.
10(12) 10-6 I know, I know, who puts a Super Bowl winner at number 10? Well, let’s be honest. Their division isn’t a cake walk and teams rarely repeat. Add the loss of Strahan to retirement and you’ve got a team no longer as hungry as they need to be to win. An unhappy Shockey and Burress don’t help.
11 (14) 8-8 Until Brian Dawkins slows down and McNabb tears all of his ligaments at once, I will continually consider this team a title contender. Brian Westbrook is the most versatile and productive weapon in the NFC, hands down.
12 (15) 8-8 If Adrian Peterson can stay healthy and continue to dominate, the possibilities are endless. The x-factor rides completely on how Tarvaris Jackson develops.
13 (18) 7-9 Enough about Reggie Bush and the rest of the Saints offense. We know they can score. I’m wondering whether or not Jonathan Vilma will turn things around for that defense.
14 (8) 9-7 Just about every main player on offense is past his prime or closing in on retirement, and if that’s not the case, they’re coming back fromn injury. This team benefited from an easy schedule and simply isn’t among the top ten.
15 (11) 10-6 If Vince Young can’t finally put it all together, maybe he should retire. True, he doesn’t have much help at receiver, but he just isn’t getting it done, regardless.
16 (17) 8-8 Kurt Warner was extremely effective for much of last season, so handing the job off to Leinart , who was extremely ineffective, makes absolutely no sense. Everything on paper says this team will get the wild card spot, but something tells me they’re still a year or two away.
17 (13) 9-7 Joe Gibbs gave up on this group too quickly. Clinton Portis was never used correctly in the offensive scheme, and their receivers are all playing in spots they shouldn’t be. I’m not sold on Jason Campbell “Soup”, either.
18 (16) 8-8 Ahman Green back as the starter? Seriously? To be honest, that’ll be the first truly poor move by management since the beginning of last season. My hope is receiver Kevin Walter can hold off second year man Jacoby Jones. The guy can flat out catch the ball.
19 (19) 7-9 If you can’t see it already, I’ll clue you in: Jay Cutler is making everyone forget about John Elway. (Something tells me we forgot about him anyways)Forcing Selvin Young into the starting role might be a bit much to ask for a guy his size, especially with no real depth behind him.
20 (20) 7-9 I have read so much about how lasy year was a fluke for Chicago and that they’re primed for resurgence, along with a division crown. Really? With Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton? And who are these guys going to throw to? Don’t you dare say Devin Hester.
21 (21) 7-9 Jake Dehlomme returning at ull health could boost the offense, as well as Steve Smith’s fantasy ranking, immensely. But there are far too many questions on defense and receiver to take this team seriously right now.
22 (23) 7-9 Now that Odell Thurman is out of town, along with Justin Smith, there’s really no one to fear on this team defensively. Chad Johnson is a cancer for this team.
23(22) 7-9 They need to unload Losman before he becomes more of a distraction.
24 (25) 5-11 Can you really call it “winning” the job when your competition is Shaun Hill and J.T. O’Sullivan. Nah, I didn’t think so either. Mike Martz should at least make things interesting.
25 (24) 7-9 When Mike Martz left, he took his playbooks with him. Despite some people’s belief that his absence will make the Lion’s better, Jon Kitna and 20 or more interceptions will prove them wrong.
26 (26) 4-12 Brodie Croyle needs to prove himself right away, because Damon Huard is a solid alternative. Larry Johnson’s amount of carries is no longer an issue. As long as he can stand up, Herman Edwards will lean on him heavily.
27(28) 4-12 The Michael Vick era is officially over with the drafting of Matt Ryan, but I’m left impressed with Chris Redman. I don’t think it’s a stretch for him to play, and play well, for the entire season and then go start somewhere else.
28 (30) 3-13 True, they’re probably better than the Falcons, even on a bad day, but even with all the injuries, this team just stunk it up last season. Marc Bulger needs to prove way too many things to me before this team can rise.
29 (31) 4-12 They need to go with Pennington, and if not, draft a true franchise quarterback next year. Kellen Clemens is a joke.
30 (27) 5-11 I bet they wish they still had Chris Redman right about now.
31 (29) 4-12 Darren McFadden will be fun to watch. If Javon Walker can bounce back, that will be a huge signing and boost to Jamarcus Russell’s development. But that much money with knees that have to be drained every other week? Shame on you, Al Davis.
32 (32) 1-15 It’s slightly unlikely the Dolphins will finish dead last two years in a row, but really, who beats them out at the present time? They’ve got John Beck, Josh McCown, and Chad Henne battling for quite possibly the worst job in football. Bill Parcells should have stayed retired.

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