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Final Power Rankings for the 2007 NFL Season

Is anyone shocked? I mean, even a little?

And I’m not talking about the Patriots and their unbelievable 16-0 season. Because, while many would never dare admit it, a lot of people never thought it would happen. They never thought it could happen. But it did.

But no, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Is anyone shocked that the top 4 teams have stayed the same for the entire season, that is, once they were all together up there?

Admit it, you thought the Packers were a fluke when they started 4-0 and lost to the Bears. You probably even still think that.

And no one really thought the Patriots would continue their hot streak. And the Colts? The defending champs marred by injuries. They were sure to collapse and miss the playoffs, like every former champion does. Well, most of them.

But now we can see there were no surprises. Not really. Not in the regular season. The Browns, one of the most exciting teams of the season, missed the playoffs, while the Buccaneers basically took the remaining 4 weeks off and coasted into the playoffs.

So what now?

Well, if you ask me, I’d say a hindered Owens and ineffective Romo will have the mighty Cowboys falling to the, you guessed it, Washington Redskins in the divisional playoff. Which can only mean Green Bay will get past the Giants, yet again, and then romp all over the Redskins on their way to the Super Bowl.

And, as if those won’t be enough surprises to last us all through next year, and help us ignore the dullness of the NBA, there’s more.

Yes, the undefeated Patriots will lose in the championship game to the Colts, and then we have a match-up that almost no one wants to see, but won’t be able to look away from. Green Bay versus Indianapolis.

But I won’t pick the winner just yet. Instead, take a look at how your team faired this season, and where they fall in the final edition of the 2007, and now 2008 NFL Power Rankings.

One more edition will be available upon the completion of the playoffs. So Until February, enjoy. Happy new year, everybody.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 16-0 They’re undefeated. Do they really have anything more to prove? Well, according to former Dolphins, it’s 19-0 or bust. And to that, Tom Brady and the Patriots say, okay.
2 (2) 13-3 There’s no telling what this team is capable of when all their guys are healthy. But that’s just it. We don’t really know.
3 (4) 13-3 If you can be an honest person and give the Packers a mulligan for the Bears game, they’ve been on a roll since losing to Dallas.
4 (3) 13-3 Four straight poor performances by this team and a banged up T.O., not to mention a rusty Terry Glenn? I am not liking this team right now.
5 (6) 11-5 That’s two straight division titles. So is Norv going to be the difference?
6 (5) 11-5 If the running game can get going, this team could go far. Look no further than David Garrard’s measly three picks this season.
7 (8) 10-6 They won their division, so that’s great. But now they have the inspired Redskins coming to town. It doesn’t look good.
8 (9) 9-7 They’ve been resting everyone the past two weeks to get healthy. Too bad it won’t matter.
9 (7) 10-6 This team really went downhill. Believe it or not, it all started with a loss to the New York Jets.
10 (10) 10-6 What they couldn’t do last week, they did against San Fransisco this week. It’s a real shame, too, because they would have been a fun team to watch in the playoffs.
11 (11) 10-6 The Colts literally handed this team their wild card spot. You don’t move up for that.
12 (12) 10-6 For at least three quarters, the Giants were better than the Patriots, and Eli looked like Peyton. But that’s the problem with this team. They just don’t finish games.
13 (14) 9-7 Todd Collins is playing like a 25 year old phenom, and Clinton Portis is just getting started. They just might shock everyone and do a Portis front flip all the way to the Super Bowl. Nah.
14 (15) 8-8 Getting to .500 was huge for this team, but more importantly, for Donovan McNabb. But that doesn’t make his future any less uncertain.
15 (13) 8-8 Obviously the Redskins won, so they were out. But they couldn’t even beat the Broncos in the most important game of their season.
16 (17) 8-8 What did we learn this season, Houston fans? First, getting rid of David Carr was a good thing. Second, we’re still not sure getting Matt Schaub was.
17 (18) 8-8 That’s the offense we expect from this team. You know, every now and then.
18 (16) 7-9 All season long this team was either digging itself out of a hole or fighting to get to .500. You can’t afford to play like that, especially without your top two runners.
19 (19) 7-9 Finishing strong was huge for Jay Cutler, but this team needs to address offense in free agency or we’ll see a subpar season next year.
20 (20) 7-9 Wow, way to completely dominate a team still fighting for the playoffs. And is anyone else scared that Devin Hester might be developing as a receiver?
21 (23) 7-9 This isn’t that bad of a team, folks. If Jake Dehlomme can make a healthy comeback, they’ll be back in the playoffs.
22 (21) 7-9 So, now what, J.P. Losman?
23 (24) 7-9 It’s about time we saw that kind of connection between Palmer and Johnson. Nothing like padding your stats in a season that’s been lost since week 10.
24 (22) 7-9 At least they won one more game, and didn’t lose their final eight, right? Matt Millen should be fired. And Mike Martz should be the head coach.
25 (25) 5-11 Can we all begin welcoming Shaun Hill back for the starting job next year? No? Okay, but he should at least get a fair shake.
26 (26) 4-12 Their game against the Jets was just like last week’s against the Lions. No one wanted to win. And that’s why this team is 4-12. Actually, it’s because they have a terrible offensive line. And Brodie Croyle.
27 (29) 5-11 I don’t know if Troy Smith is the guy, but at least they ended the season with a win. But this was supposed to be a Super Bowl team. Firing Billick was a move that had to be made.
28 (30) 4-12 Chris Redman really made a name for himself the past few weeks. Now the Falcons will start from scratch with a new coach, new system, and unfortunately, a new quarterback.
29 (28) 4-12 That’s the number one overall pick? I feel sick.
30 (27) 3-13 I don’t they they’re this bad because they weren’t healthy for most of the season. I’m pretty set on the notion that they’re just bad.
31 (31) 4-12 I gotta say, I don’t think much of Kellen Clemens. Or Mangini.
32 (32) 1-15 Just how close were we to seeing a perfect team and a winless team? What a discomforting, yet amazing season.

4 replies on “Final Power Rankings for the 2007 NFL Season”

Oops, you did it again. I read your power ranking because I like the writing, but I question your order sometimes.

I assume your comment on Tampa Bay; “Too bad it won’t matter.” insinuates you expect the Giants to beat them, so why are they 4 places further down on the list?  The same applies to putting Washington as your last placed play-off team, yet pretty much admitting you expect them to beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

If you really think the NFC Wild-cards are going to win this week-end on the road, why not place them higher than the division winners their playing like you do with Jacksonville over Pittsburgh?

Silly me…Silly you First, I got annoyed with myself for spelling “their” when I should have had “they’re”, but it got me reading the top again and I realized you made a horrible error.

The Cowboys cannot play the Redskins if the Packers are playing Seattle because the Redskins are playing Seattle this week.  OOPS!

my bad the seattle error was honestly meant to be the giants.

and I have the teams ranked as they are, not based on who is going to win, but based on where they should be.

I’m just merely giving my opinion in the opening segment on how it may unfold. I’ll correct the seattle muff, but other than that, everything has an explanation.

and I’m not alone, here. many other writers have called green bay and new england. I just happen to think indianapolis is the only team that can beat the patriots right now. will they? i can’t be certain. but they sure have a good shot at it.

thanks for reading.

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