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Under Dogs

I’m sick of hearing about the New England Patriots. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they play. Hell, I love everything about them. I hope and pray Tom Brady shatters the touchdown mark. But enough, already. And forget about the Indianapolis Colts. I’m tired of hearing about the greatness of Tony Dungy or the execution and finesse of Peyton Manning. And don’t even get me started on the star on the rise; Joseph Addai.(Mostly because Chris Berman and his stupid “to live and let” nickname)Because, honestly, it’s gotten very repetitive and boring. Since no one else cares about anything except the winner of the AFC championship game, I’m going to go out on a limb and talk about the best team not being talked about. The best team that isn’t from New England or Indianapolis. I’m going to talk about the Green Bay Packers.It has taken a valiant effort by Brett Favre to keep this team in contention, much less standing tied atop the NFC. And while some may call it luck, it is becoming more and more obvious that this offense simply knows how to execute in crunch time. Take the Colts/Patriots game, for instance. Tom Brady and the Pats’ were done by 10 in the 4th quarter and came back to beat a very good team. Albeit, not against as good of competition, that is what Green Bay has been doing all year long.

This is the same team that was 4-12 two years ago. This is the same team that was 8-8 just last season. The difference? Guys like Greg Jennings are stepping up. Role players like Donald Lee and Brady Poppinga are making huge plays when it counts, and the guys that are getting paid big money to do what they do best, are doing just that. Al Harris and Charles Woodson continue to live up to their “shut-down corner” status, while Nick Barnett mans the middle with tenacity.

The other factor here is confidence. Brett Favre said it for the past two years, and has reiterated it a few times already this year. This is a young and talented team, and it’s simply getting it done when it has to. But it’s not to black and white. The Packers are no longer an average team that is pulling out close games and building on each win. They’re not a team winning by the skin of their teeth or grinding it out. They’re a team backed by a severely underrated coach, and passing behind an undervalued offensive line. They are winning with absolutely zero fear in the hearts of opposing rush defenses, and they have been able to overcome penalties and turnovers and a number of their victories.  But why? They must just be lucky.

And that’s where you’d be wrong. This team has come together in a wonderful storm cloud that is usually seen hovering over the likes of teams such as the aforementioned New England Patriots. Like the Indianapolis Colts. That cloud? Swagger.

So keep on doubting the Packers’ victories. Keep questioning their tactics and game plans. Continue smirking at their commitment to the run and their penalties on defense. Stay the course and promote the hell out of Indianapolis and New England. All the way to the playoffs, and quite possibly, all the way to the Super Bowl.

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brett farve sucks! haha no just kidding. i dont like him but he is having a nice year. but id still have to think the best team in the league is dallas then the pack. but, that will all change this weekend anyways when the GMENNNN (#3 on that list right now) put a beating on tony romo!

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