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March 13- 2007 NHL Power Rankings

The Preds and Sabres once again trade the top spot, while the Rangers were the big winners this week in the spot jump. They’re one place behind the Islanders and their crybaby coach. Meanwhile, the pitty has to go to the Flyers, for still being behind teams like the Kings and Oilers who are showing no heart down the stretch. Where did your team finish this week?

Rank (Pv)
1 (2) 46-18-6
The injury bug bites hard, but the Preds still manage to maintain a lead in the Central.
2 (1) 44-19-5 Bad week for the Sabres, but they are still team to beat in the East.
3 (3) 43-17-9 Time is becoming a factor for the Wings, as the season draws to a close.
4 (5) 42-17-11 Need a reason why the points system needs an overhaul, take away the Ducks’ OTLs, and they’re in third, instead of their ten point lead.  
5 (4) 42-19-8 They might be too far in front for the story of the year to catch them. Broudeur for Hart.
6 (6) 41-23-5 Alain Vigneault is a perfectionist. His team has won four out of their last five, but listening to him, the Canucks have lost their last fifty in a row.
7 (8) 41-25-3
Finally, the Sharks win at home…for the first time in five weeks.
8 (7) 40-23-5 Early congrats to Mike Modano who will get his 500th career goal this week. Congrats to a classy individual who’s done it with one team.
9 (9) 39-23-7 Leafs and Sens traded wins this week, gaining no ground against Buffalo
10 (11) 39-24-7 Although they gave up an assist to Paul Stastny, to break the record for a rookie point scoring streak, the Wild stopped the Avs’ winning streak.
11 (10) 39-27-4 It’s a fight to the end between Atlanta and Tampa for the Southeast division lead.
12 (12) 27-21-10 They are the story of the year. Everything they have gone through, and now, they’re in the playoffs, and most importantly, staying in Pittsburgh for another 30 years.
13 (13) 37-22-10
Flames just three back as we hit the final quarter pole.
14 (14) 37-24-10 Thrashers regain the lead in the Southeast, but for how long?
15 (15) 34-24-10 Why wasn’t Ted Nolan nominated for the Mike and Mike “Just Shut Up Award”? Too Harsh? If anything, Simon was lucky that he didn’t hit the kid an inch lower.
16 (19) 34-27-8
MSG might be busier then Shea this summer, with both the Knicks and the Rangers in the playoffs.
17 (16) 34-28-8
The champs aren’t here nor will they be in the playoffs.
18 (21) 34-29-6
If it wasn’t for Evgini Malkin, Paul Stastny would be your Calder winner. Fans of the Colorado Avalanche should be excited about this team. It’s a great young and solid core.
19 (17) 34-30-6 The Habs should just suspend Sergei Samsonov and get it over with.
20 (20) 33-27-9 Darcy Tucker helps the Leafs stay in that thousand team race for the eighth spot in the East.
21 (18) 33-31-5 I’m not a GM, but a friendly note to the Bruins, the next time you want to throw insane money out to a player, make sure it’s a goalie.
22 (24) 29-27-13 The Panthers might be done, but the role of spoiler is still a huge possibilty for them.
23 (23) 29-29-11 Fans of the Blues should be excited, like Colorado, this is a young team full of promise. They may make the playoffs next year.
24 (25) 30-34-6 Since the Oil don’t want to give any effort, why should I?
25 (25) 28-28-3 Instead of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky will now be known as “The Clueless One”
26 (26) 27-35-7 I’m sorry, they still play hockey in Columbus?
27 (28) 26-33-9 Dollah Bill Wirtz has to shed his nickname if they want to win.
28 (27) 24-34-12
Ovechkin and Semin found out that two players need not make a team.
29 (29) 23-34-13 This is another team with no heart, so I’m not going to try.
30 (30) 19-39-11 I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. Philly doesn’t belong here, because unlike Edmonton and LA, they care about playing hockey.

By matt Jordan

Matt is an in-studio producer for three radio stations in a six station cluster. He has produced and co-hosted three sports talk shows, with one of them becoming number one in the market. He also is a play by play announcer for the Florence Redwolves, who play in the Coastal Plain League, the nation's hottest College Summer League. He is in his fourth season. He also was the PA Announcer for the Florence Phantoms indoor football team.

In his spare time Matt enjoys reading, writing, playing RTS video games, debating on religion, and good music. He is currently writing a play, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. Matt also writes for Medusa's Kiss magazine.

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What about those KC Pens? Yes, The KC Pens? I’m glad it’s over, so now I can start worrying about more important things, like gambling on the NCAA tournament profusely.

KC Pens… You have to admit, early last week, it really looked hopeless. It looked like Kansas City was going to get the Pens.

Good work on everyone’s part.

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