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Season To Remember

The New York Jets team has come a long way, since earning the right to have one of the highest picks in the draft. This is season was one that was truly special.If you asked me before this season, “Do you think the Jets will get 10 wins?” I would have probably laughed at you. I am a huge Jet fan, but i am very realistic, and did not think there was a shot they would make the playoffs.

When Herman Edwards turned his back on the Jets and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, In many ways I felt abandoned. The Jets had no choice but to rebuild the coaching staff and team, to improve from the horrific 4-12 season from only a season ago.

I guess the season for me, really started on draft day when everyone was in anticipation, with what the New York Jets would do with their two 1st round draft picks. The Jets held two very powerful picks, especially the 4th overall pick. When it was the Jets turn to draft the next possible star player, most of the premier draftees were taken, as expected. What was not expected was to hear the words out of the commissioner of the National Football League announcing that the Jets had selected offensive lineman? Many were shocked, but all along it was the best move to draft skilled lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson and center Nick Mangold. Both of these players held their own in only their first season. These players were being put in a situation, having to play every game. In fact, I believe the unsung hero of the Jets season was not Pennington, Coles, or Cotchery, but Nick Mangold. Mangold had to fill some pretty huge shoes, by replacing pro-bowl center Kevin Mawae, and what a good job he did by filling them. I guess for me those two draft picks along with Leon Washington, are three of the reasons why the Jets were able to accomplish what they accomplish.

I just can not still seem to believe that even though the Jets have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, that they actually made the playoffs! This idea brings a smile to my face, that a team that was not expected to recieve 8 wins at the most, could overcome adversities they were faced with, and shine in the end. I think that Coach Mangini and his coaching staff have brought a new energy and style to Jets football, and I am thrilled and proud to say that I am I going to be able to watch it hopefully for years to come.

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Corrections “Mangold had to fill huge shoes, bu replacing pro bowl center Kevin Mawae, and what a good job hid did be filling them.” I’m guessing that “bu” is supposed to be “by”. Also, “hid did be” is supposed to be “he did filling”. Other than that, the article was pretty good and I didn’t want to vote it down. Fix those and you’ve got my vote.

Corrections Thank you for correcting my mistakes. I appreciate you doing so. I have corrected the story now.

Jets Recap Column You had a few spelling mistakes along the way, but I felt that this story was fairly decent. It cut right to the point and didn’t linger on certain details. I would consider this article the base or foundation of a bigger and better article.

I wouldn’t have used shocked… Many Jets fans felt that if Brick was going to be on the board at 4…he was going to the Jets. It would have been more shocking to see them take Young or Lineart in my book.

I’m with you on the last paragraph. I looked at the schedule and thought that 7-9 was going to be our record, but 10-6 is just amazing, especally with having to basicly rebuiuld the backfield. I just hope this doesn’t shoot the expectations too high with Mangini and company. Let’s take it one season at a time.

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