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Has Larry Brown Lost the Knicks?

The New York Knicks are in some trouble. Kobe Bryant got the rebound off of a Channing Frye three and now Bryant is hustling down court with the basketball in his hands like there’s no tomorrow. But, wait. All of a sudden Jamal Crawford comes up behind Bryant and swats the ball away, but then underrated newcomer Smush Parker picks up the ball and jams the dunk. Ah, same old, same old. Kind of what the Knick’s season has been like. Down, up…..down.

NFL General

Super Bowl Xtra Large!

Super Bowl Forty is in less then a week. Congratulations Mike Holmgren, and of course Ben Roethlisberger and the Boys from Pitt. How could we leave them out, right? And what about Shaun Alexander in Seattle. Maybe that twenty seven straight days of rain helped a little bit, right? Maybe it just might give the Hawks the mentality to rain all over Pittsburgh for sixty straight minutes of gratifying football.

Here’s my super bowl preview.

MLB General

Isn’t Less Really more in Baseball?

Hey all you MLB fans out there, what’s going on? Ready for spring training? Ready for the big games?

Okay, now let’s cut to the chase. Look at, oh say, the New York Mets. How have they progressed over the years, or should I say unprogressed? The Mets dealt with obtaining star players that were terrible in New York, and now they sit atop the big apple, making some of the biggest moves in the last two off seasons, most notably Billy Wagner and Pedro Martinez. So the overall message I am trying to send to you is, less is really more when it comes to baseball.

NBA General

Take your pick: Kobe or MJ? Oh- the possibilities.

Okay, we all know that Kobe Bryant has something to prove in this league, right?

Okay, as long as were both on the same page, does Bryant match up to the standards of Michael Jordan–dare I say it–the greatest player in NBA history?

Pittsburgh Steelers

How does a sixth seeded team make the Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are for real. Yes, I am saying it right now for everyone else to hear.

They are the first sixth seeded team to reach the Super Bowl, and may the force be with them. Of course you would think, this team is probably the most relaxed team going into the big game, after all they are carrying the most eloquent quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger on their shoulders.

Well, then of course you’d be wrong.