5/9 Episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Getting Paid

We focus on the end of the NFL, fan violence, and the top paid athletes in sports.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Junior Seau’s suicide
  • Will the NFL ever go away?
  • Kenyon Martin’s stalker / how soon till a fan attacks a player?
  • Phil Mushnick’s New York Niggers and Brooklyn Bitches
  • The top paid athletes in 32 sports
  • Excuse me while I whip this out
  • Mom sues school/district/state/everyone because son cut from bball team
  • The Top 10 List: Notable suicides in history

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The Top 10 Notable Celebrity Suicides

(Ryan’s crappy list)
10. Mark Antony / Cleopatra – sword and snakebite
9.  Brynn Hartman – Killed husband Phil, confessed then shot herself in the head
8.  Junior Seau – Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest
7.  Hunter S. Thompson – Self-inflicted gunshot wound while son, daughter in law and grandson in next room
6.  Chris Benoit – Hanged himself after murdering wife and son
5. Vincent Van Gogh – Self-inflicted gunshot wound
4. Ernest Hemingway – Self-inflicted gunshot wound, Ketchum ID
3. Sylvia Plath – gas oven
2. Kurt Cobain – Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head
1. Adolf Hitler – Gunshot and cyanide poisoning

Honorable Mentions:
Andrew Koenig (Richard “Boner” Stabone)
Jonathan Brandis
Brad Delp
Vince Foster
Hannibal (poison)
Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold
Freddie Prinze
David Foster Wallace
Virginia Woolf
Dave Duerson
Donnie Moore

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