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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 16

Every analyst in the country has hop-scotched their way to, from, and ultimately back to the same ending result for the NFL season.

Ever since almost six weeks ago, when we finally realized teams like the Jaguars and Seahawks weren’t quite the title contenders we’d hoped they’d be, we all began to discover that maybe things really are written on the wall.

Maybe, even amidst all the off-season turmoil and the injury-plagued early going of the season, we still had it right from the very beginning. Well, at leasy partially.

Which brings me to the quick and sad conclusion, that yes, this year’s representative in the Super Bowl for the NFC (at least for the now) should be the New York Giants. As for the AFC…

In a conference where we’re still unsure if Joe Flacco is ready for the big dance despite only having to knock off the Jaguars,(we could say the same for Matt Cassel), we’re left with an almost seemingly bottomless pit of possibilities. Can the Jets, with their suddenly weak-armed and frail star quarterback, limp into the playoffs? Can the Chargers pull off the most unlikely and impossible turn around in one of the ugliest division closes of all time?

Hold that thought.

Because, much like all that off-season drama I referred to previously, this might just end up being a sorry pre-game highlight reel for the AFC Championship game.

Because, really, as interesting as all of these scenarios are, do any of these teams have a chance in hell against the Steelers or Titans?

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. And then there were the Indianapolis Colts…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (2) 13-2 Are we still not considering Kerry Collins for MVP? And if not, shouldn`t we be?
2 (3) 12-3 What`s scarier-the fact that the Giants can win without all of their healthy players, or that they`ll get them all back for the post-season?
3 (5) 11-4 I know it hasn`t always been pretty, but eight straight wins says this is easily the third best team in football.
4 (1) 11-4 Just when we`re ready to crown them as AFC champs, they get stomped on by the Titans. Looks like this team has some growing up to do.
5 (4) 11-4 At least they know now they`re good enough to hang with the Giants.
6 (6) 10-5 They better have a good back-up plan for Tom Brady next year, because the smart money is on Matt Cassel starting somewhere else next season.
7 (7) 10-5 I know it feels like everything is falling into place, but don`t you get the feeling Flacco will bomb against Jacksonville?
8 (9) 10-5 Is it too good to be true, or is this the week Chad Pennington punishes his former team for replacing him?
9 (13) 10-5 Can Matt Ryan permanently erase the memory of Michael Vick with an improbable playoff run?
10 (11) 9-6 Even if Romo somehow wills the Cowboys into the playoffs, does anyone truly believe this year will be any different that the others?
11 (8) 8-6-1 Hey, Reggie Brown, have you ever seen tape of the Rams vs. Titans Super Bowl game? Yeah, didn`t think so.
12 (17) 9-6 Alex Brown, you amaze me.
13 (10) 9-6 It`s sad that people keep blaming Favre for poor throws when his receivers drop countless balls. Regardless, one more poor effort and all that off-season drama was for nothing.
14 (12) 9-6 Can we put those Tarvaris Jackson vs. Gus Frerotte arguments to rest and ride the arm that got them here? And by arm, I mean legs. They need to start pounding the ball with Adrian Peterson again.
15 (14) 9-6 Jeff Garcia playing with that blood running down his face was inspiring, but that`s about it. Grit and determination only get you so far. It`s win or go home for the Bucs.
16 (16) 8-7 The saddest part about this team? No, not their staggering inconsistency or lack of true offensive identity, but the fact that they had their division won three weeks ago, and here they are, fighting for their playoff lives. Karma is a son of a gun.
17 (21) 7-8 I asked last week if this team really had a shot at their division with an 8-8 record. Uh, yeah.
18 (18) 8-7 They get on a huge run and have everyone believing they were a good team, and then this? Not the Raiders…
19 (15) 8-7 It`s become depressingly clear that this team has won it`s division by default.
20 (19) 8-7 At this point, it`s all about the yardage record, huh?
21 (20) 8-7 Jim Zorn had this team in as good of a position as it`ll ever have, and it blew it. The talent was there. The coaching, not so much.
22 (25) 7-8 Just when you thought they`d completely thrown in the towel, we finally see life in Buffalo. If they can end the season on a high note by upsetting New England, we may be seeing more of Dick Juaron as the Bills head coach.
23 (23) 6-9 If they can get it to 7-9, Mike Singletary has done his job as head coach this season.
24 (22) 5-10 At least they can try making Joe Flacco’s regular season game as a rookie a living hell. And, you know, something tells me they will.
25 (24) 5-10 There`s a fine line between the NFL`s youngest team and the NFL`s dumbest team. This team is doing a dangerous dance on top of it.
26 (27) 4-11 Holmgren having the upper hand on the quarterback he groomed for six seasons; yeah, that`s a shocker.
27 (29) 3-11-1 Where in the world is Ocho Cinco?
28 (28) 4-11 Why and how is Johnnie Lee Higgins a bigger Raiders name than Javon Walker. If you weren`t already sure of it, then here`s your evidence: money does not always buy you success, or you know, good players.
29 (26) 4-11 There is no conceivable reason why Romeo Crennel should be coaching the Browns next season.
30 (30) 2-13 When you play teams as close and hard as you can, and you still come short, you have only one thing to say: At least you`re not the Detroit Lions.
31 (31) 2-13 How do you do worse than 3-13? Apparently you add a Bulger, a Holt….
32 (32) 0-15 If every Detroit player cries and pleads for the Packers to let them win, do you think it will work?

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