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2008 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

Finally, we’re seeing some consistency in the NFL.

In the bottom five this week, all the teams have issues at the quarterback position, which is a perfect reason why their offenses are so ineffective.

In the top half, most of the teams have solid defenses, and know how to pound the ball at the end of games, and most importantly, know how to win.

The real question is, which team is best, and which team is worst?

While a lot of people would like to get technical and crunch the numbers, or read into the rest of each team’s schedule, I prefer to point out the obvious, and run with it.

The Titans and Lions are mirror images of each other. The Titans have stability at the quarterback position, can run the ball effectively, and can stop anyone when they have to.

The Lions, not so much.

After that, we’ve got the Steelers and Giants, who are the only other truly dominant teams. Everyone else is stuck together, as we await another week that hopefully provides answers.

Still not convinced your team is finished, or if the Colts or Patriots can get back to the top ten? Read on to see where your team rests.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 8-0 They don’t let you score, and they score just enough to win. Whether you like it or not, you can be undefeated without it being sexy.
2 (2) 7-1 That did it for me. I know the Cowboys aren’t much right now, but that was a crushing. Still, I’m not sure Eli Manning has fully turned the corner, as everyone would lead you to believe.
3 (3) 6-2 Just when you get Willie Parker back, you lose Big Ben. At least we know they can win with Leftwitch.
4 (5) 6-2 Can they continue their surge into the NFC’s elite? Why not?
5 (4) 6-3 That was sad. Their top dog Portis got stuffed, and Jason Campbell panicked.
6 (7) 5-3 They got off to a rough start, but the final score is what we expected. It’s time for them to put together a long win streak.
7 (6) 5-3 Uh-oh. Tim Hightower showed us something we haven’t seen in Arizona in some time: A balanced offense. The Cardinals can run the ball? Nah.
8 (11) 6-3 Losing to the Chiefs would have dropped the Bucs considerably, but how can you knock them now? What a comeback!
9 (8) 5-3 They just fell into a three-way tie in their division, with two relatively dangerous teams. Big mistake.
10 (6) 5-3 All the doubts I had about them were verified. They just aren’t ready to make the climb to the elite.
11 (10) 5-3 When you get no production from your offense, what do you expect? But it’s more than that, people. This team is in shambles, and it’s unlikely Tony Romo can change that.
12 (14) 5-3 Barely beating the Lions raises an eyebrow, but not as much as if they had lost. Rex Grossman is back in the saddle. Ugh.
13 (17) 5-3 Favre made one mistake, and it could have potentially lost the Jets the game. But then he led his team down for a clinching field goal. It’s becoming obvious this team is good enough to win, even when Favre isn’t at his best.
14 (12) 4-4 They fought hard against the undefeated Titans, but couldn’t finish it. At worst, we know this team can compete with anybody.
15 (15) 4-4 The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. In two weeks they get Bush back. If they can split their next two games, they should be in good shape.
16 (18) 5-3 Once Matt Ryan wins a game without the rush attack backing him, we’ll know he’s arrived. But until then, the Falcons are just a team slightly ahead of the curve.
17 (19) 4-4 The offense really came to life against what was supposed to be a solid defense. But will they keep it going, or just stumble to a 9-7 finish?
18 (20) 5-3 I gotta hand it to Joe Flacco. He’s really stepped it up. But how long can this go on?
19 (22) 4-4 Does anyone still think this team is just getting lucky? They’re only one game out of first place.
20 (23) 4-4 Just when we needed it, we got a great game out of Gus Frerotte. Does anyone else feel that Adrian Peterson is just getting started?
21 (13) 4-4 This team is no longer in a slump; they’re just not very good. Allowing a 3-5 Chargers team hope at the division is a horrible idea.
22 (16) 3-5 We thought the Jaguars were in trouble before, but now this? Losing to Cincinnati won’t exactly help your confidence level.
23 (21) 3-5 Even if they had won this game, they’d be facing an uphill battle. Does losing Schaub end the season?
24 (24) 3-5 They probably were down after blowing it last week, but with Denver’s loss, the opportunity is there for the taking. The ball’s in their court.
25 (25) 3-5 The switch from Anderson to Quinn is a bit premature. Everyone is quick to blame the quarterback, and they’re ignoring the real problem: Braylon Edwards is their only play-maker, and he can’t even catch the ball.
26 (26) 2-6 All that momentum is gone. They had to come off the new coach-high sometime, right?
27 (27) 2-6 That was a sorry display. Jamarcus Russell finished the game with 31 yards passing. I know the line and receivers are bad, but if Derek Anderson gets benched, what happens to this guy?
28 (30) 1-7 They’re clearly not a good team, but it’s hard to ignore their competitiveness. Tyler Thigpen could be turning into something special.
29 (28) 2-6 They had one big play to start the game, and then did nothing the rest of the way. But, it’s not like we really expected more, is it?
30 (29) 2-6 The season is almost certainly lost, but at least we get to see what Shaun Hill his made of. Start the parade today.
31 (32) 1-8 Chad Johnson finally had a solid game, kind of. I mean, they won, right? Dear God, the Bengals won!
32 (31) 0-8 It’s very possible this team doesn’t win a game this season. But for being so bad, they tend to play opponents very close.

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